Let's move forward with some Shade changes :)

Please see some of our threads on Reddit for detailed feedback (in case you haven’t already):

I feel there’s pretty much a consensus that the Shade requires a hefty speed increase whiled stealthed because she can’t reach her targets (at least 15%), and some aggro changes (i.e. stealth should drop aggro instantly including boss aggro, and/or for the first 2-3s after the first attack from invis, the Shade shouldn’t draw horde aggro similar to HM’s talent).

HM and WS are in a really good place right now, but the Shade is one of the least viable careers in the game (from legend point of view). I think players are hoping to see some changes soon. Thanks.

Having seen and played Shade I can agree that at the very least a short 2 second burst of speed while stealthed would greatly increase the versatility of this class. The reduced CD has done her well but maybe a dash that starts at 50% (to escape) and decays to 10% after a second (to stay noticeable) would make her a great character that’s also visually interesting to watch as they go about their way in your group.

And if not built in it’d at least be a better talent than the duration increase…

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I think something that would be fitting and interesting would be if her stealth is not broken on her first backstab IF it nets a kill. This would give the player a decision that could be interesting; do you go for a second backstab and break stealth away from the team? Or use the remaining duration to move back to the group?

It would also increase her utility a bit, since threatening elites and specials are very common at high level play, meaning sometimes you might really want to use a second backstab to help the team out.

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Alternatively only make the first hit a guaranteed crit, which will then halve the remaining duration and allow you to do whatever you want till the end of the duration. That might even make the seemingly useless duration increase talent useful.

How about this: Each backstabkill gives her a new stealth that lasts subsequently fewer seconds (e.g. 1st 5seconds, 2nd 4 seconds till we reach 1 second).

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