Shade 1.0.8

Great job guys!!! Really, you made the class playable, offering diversity in terms of valid weapons ,lowering ulti CD, so you can actually use it in meaningful ways after 1.0.5.
And NOW its back to zero again, GREAT JOB GUYS!!!
No more reason to play other than 2h weapons, esp glaive(even with headshot nerf), since the ultimate only buffs your attack on ONE target, and on ONE weapon, which means that even spear shade is better than any dualwield shade WHICH IS DUMB to say the least. During beta i thought is a new bug along with several new others, but it actually became a FEATURE.
Who cares about feedback when the “I DONT PLAY LEGEND” Fatshark decides to implement something that was opposed and reported all along on forum that its simply stupid? The class was literally playable for a month GREAT JOB GUYS…

YES IM F.CKIN TRIGGERED because this and other stupidities that made it to live release.


legit dont think the people in charge do not play their game. fact in point, executioner gets a nice nerf as well for kruber but lets just keep SV patrols silent. wait no, lets just make ALL PATROLS dead silent in the live patch. yea lets jus do that that makes sense. another triggered gamer here


yea, executioner nerf is the other thing i really dont understand.
holy sh.t i wont play for one or more patch again, hurray

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oh im serious. im seriously kinda meh about this whole thing now. real close to breaking 1k hours in game and i think now it might take a long time to hit that milestone smh

that was the reason (the silent sv patrols, and the shade trashing) why i deleted beta in the first place…-.-
and now its live, and i cant even switch to a playable version, PRAISE SIGMAR


i don’t understand the glaive changes. the charge combo doesn’t drop stormvermin anymore, and the 2nd move of the charge swing doesn’t even kill chaos warriors in infiltrate. if you want to tune the weapon down lower its cleave. the fact it cleaves as well as wardancer is one of the main reasons nobody touches that thing, that and the obnoxious block bug. leave the glaive as the anti elite weapon.

i dunno about patrols, i hosted a map and they were making noise from quite a ways away. i actually heard the stormvermin one doing some chatter before they started marching which is something i’ve never actually heard in game before.


Yeah, they should have just hard capped its cleave at 2 non-armoured enemies. It’s one of the reasons why hero power scaling cleave makes things wonky.

yea, just tested, sv patrol makes sound as host

Yeah , its not like 1shotting stormvermins is OP or something while you charge 2 second swing leaving you open as a squishy damage dealer character. A weapon made to behead enemies now needs to hit twice meanwhile huntsman kruber deletes whole cw patrol in 1 ult and shade cries because not even backstabb can 1shot cw

And limiting shade ult to 1 target just screams for a random slave rat to run in between you and cw.

Back to halberd shall we? Lets nerf all other kruber weapons options. I mean geezus just buff other weapons and dont nerf everything.

I hope i wont have to wait another freaking month for next patch to fix it. I was already frustrated with no cosmetics and buggs.


Nerfs shades weapons, ultimate and somehow also manages to nerf krubers sub optimal weapon choice while nerfing glaive. I mean seriously fatshark wtf ?


I logged into this forum for the first time to comment on this change. As a Dagger Shade the 1.0.8 Beta ruined any good will I had towards the game. Now even after the official live patch I can’t hit bosses hard enough to fulfill my role, and now I can’t even kill Chaos Warriors out of Infiltrate. I understand making it so I can’t front stab them with a light attack to delete, but a heavy attack from the back out of Infiltrate should always do the trick, regardless of the weapon. This is supposed to be the point of the class!


I already reported some inconsistencies with glaive backstab damage in the patch thread, but I did some further testing with Shade ult. Here are the damage numbers.

Infiltrate w/ glaive (0% + power)

Second heavy, front, body: 149.25
Second heavy, front, head: 177.5

Second heavy, back, body: 158.5
Second heavy, back, head: 186.5

This means that backstab during infiltrate only adds 5-6% damage. This can’t be intentional.

Adding some more numbers to this:

Regular second heavy attack w/ glaive (0% + power)

Front, body: 36.75
Front, head: 62.50

Back, body: 55.25
Back, head: 81

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Infiltrate damage is not even increased by assassins blade its simply a flat damage increase, which i dont understand why, simply a lazy and stupid design just to begin with.
//example, just tested with 2h sword (all values are stab attack)
without infiltrate on non armored dummy: 19,75 front/29,75 back (29.625, but the game only works with quarters)
With infiltrate 129,75, and 139,75… so basically its a 110 damage boost(this value depends on weapon) regardless of your positioning… just lazy and dumb…

Another thing to the 2h sword arp question characterwise, SnS power attack on armor: 4 damage, 2h sword STAB 6 damage… You can smell the logic behind this in the air.


The backstab works, the problem is the flat infiltrate damage bonus.

It doesn’t add a flat number to glaive it seems. Depending on backstabs and headshots, the damage increase from infiltrate is between 103.25 and 115.

Edit: While the added damage isn’t entirely static, it does seem pretty conspicuous.

Im gonna return to my shadowhunter build…You know… since BACKSTAB NOW APPLIES TO RANGED… like wtf
If this works on regular mobs also and not just on dummies…

Exactly this, front stabs were cheesy but charge attack from behind with 75% dmg talent should 1 shot cw like really. Huntsman can remove whole chaos patrol with longbow

Just played Camp on Legend.
Shade Crit…build. DnD, +15%grim, Infiltrate backstab, heavy atk was NOT enough to kill one f****** CW.
If this is intended then there’s someone with absolutely no clue


Yea exactly, this is just so sad how they dont even know their game. Its like they are patching someone elses game. Like for days and days beta was out and still on live we get a humped product. Dual swords charge attack from ulti cannot kill even love Chaos warrior. Perfect… :smiley:

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Played a few Legend with Shade myself, DnD crit build as well and yep it’s just kind of shite now. Couldn’t one shot CW even with charged attack from infiltrate.

One thing I noticed is that now apparently ranged weapons can get backstab damage? They do on the dummies anyway. If that’s intended that is a good change IMO, particularly with Shadowstalker (or whatever that talent is that makes it so range doesn’t break stealth). Being able to infiltrate and dump an entire 15 shot clip of crossbow bolts into the back of a boss with increased damage is some good DPS. Doesn’t make up for the other things, but it helps.

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