New patch 1.0.8 ----- no bueno

this is my generic feedback on this patch. im heckin peeved. its not good. #makeExBladegreatagain

EDIT: on a serious note, all that needed to be done was bring back the 255 cap and shade class wouldnt have messed up things for other classes

Boy am I glad they nerfed that pesky execsword. That’s literally what made the game unplayable and all my frustration came from the fact that exec sword was too powerful. Like, literally! Nothing bothered me more than this. Now, if we were to get rid of that nasty F2 bug, we’d have a perfect game.


Somewhat unfair to blame it all on shade, Huntsman was just as much to blame. But then again, how does 2 specs with specific builds make it reasonable to nerf various other specs/builds. It doesn’t, It’s simply Fatshark’s incompetence at making a good game.

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