Assassination target boss not obeying melee engagement rules is ridiculous

I originally assumed and hoped this was a bug and so posted it as a bug report, but it was very clearly marked as “not a bug”, so I have come here instead to complain about how it is an intended feature.

The attack sequences of the assassination target boss are completely ridiclous. Sometimes rushing him in melee to kite his attacks makes him pull out his melee weapon, other times it does not. However, the biggest problem is that while you are kiting his melee attacks, distracting the boss so that your team can clear the other dangerous enemies in the arena, he will - at complete random, with no regard whatsoever for your distance from him - pull out his shotgun and blast you with an extremely high-damage attack you have absolutely no chance whatsoever of avoiding.

This is categorically, absolutely not fun. Having the boss randomly inflict you with massive unavoidable damage - usually capable of taking you out in two hits, because you are so close - makes kiting the boss a 50/50 chance between being an invaluable help to the team and getting yourself insta-downed and likely ruining the rest of the fight, because just one player going down in the assassination fight can very easily spiral into a total wipe.

It ruins any possibility of strategy to this fight, and mostly puts it down to luck. I am certain that this is a significant reason as to why assassination missions are failed so frequently, especially the level that has a much bigger arena (I forget its name), and why players kiting the boss often randomly go down when they were doing perfectly fine before.

If Fatshark REALLY wants the boss’s attacks to be unrelated to the distance players are from the boss, there absolutely NEEDS to be a very clear, obvious wind-up to swapping to ranged attacks accompanied by an audio cue, preferably with some kind of shockwave attack that knocks you back so that it is impossible for the shotgun to kill you in seconds.


Completely agree that the boss feels like the attack pattern is inconsistent and illogical. I’m actually fine with there being a ranged phase of the fight, it makes it more cool and exciting, but it needs to be far more telegraphed.
I’m also extremely annoyed by how quick the toughness and block breaking AoE attack is.


I’m pretty sure it is telegraphed, but with the shield effects and everything else going on it’s very difficult to see.

Look for the flash from his gun. It’ll go off a good second (or more) before he fires.

what is most annoying is the flash to indicate he’s going to fire at you is delayed by up to 2 or more seconds so it is hard to tell when to dodge, and the pushback from the plasma is insane on ogryn

in a game as visually charged as this, without a real audio cue to indicate he’s switched, this is worthless as a tell :slight_smile:

Any time after the flash, but before the shot. It really is that long of a warning.

Works fine for me. If I get shot it’s usually because I’ve stuffed up somewhere, not because I’m surprised that he’s started shooting.

let’s not forget the times you get no flash and they fire 3+ shots within a second or so of each other

By not telegraphed I don’t mean not being able to see him change his gear, I mean that it’s fast enough where it doesn’t let you retreat to cover and change tactics to ranged combat with him.
Potentially something could be done along the lines of him always using his pushback attack first, and always switching to ranged after, but never going just from swiping at you to shooting at you. This automatically gives you some much needed distance, and you can use the rest of the time to get to cover and start slinging at each other for a magazine or two, then cycle back to melee.


huh… i feel like the boss is too easy to kill to be honest. If you just drop a med kit under him and go to town with melee it’s all over pretty fast.

AS to kiting, he has a gun, perhaps plan your kiting by drawing close to a pillar or other hard cover before trying to play cat and mouse with melee attacks?

I’ve only experienced the boss battle at difficulty 3 and I have no idea what to do on higher difficulties when melee zerg rush becomes too dangerous.
The only boss battle was have so far is very poor.

In those situations where I’m meleeing the boss and he suddenly pulls out a shotgun I just kept hitting him until the shield drops. What else was I supposed to do, turn around and get shot in the back? Hope for him to target someone else?
Melee to ranged swap should only happen immediately after his shockwave attack, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen him change whenever he feels like it.

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It’s not just about being in melee with the assassination targets : the player they are currently targetting, the one who has aggro, needs to be in melee of them for them to switch. Their aggro also seems to be very sticky.

I suspect this is true for all enemies, hence the odd behaviours we’ve been witnessing with gunners not always swapping.