Seriously, how hard can it be? Since the last update, it has gotten worse, and it just ruins your runs. It doesn’t happen all the time, but especially Dregs have high tenendy to just shred you from three yards away while you are engaging them in melee. There is nothing more frustrating than charging in as Ogryn or Zealot, engaging a couple of enemies on melee, only to be absolutely DESTROYED by five ranged enemies from three yards away because they don’t switch to melee. It’s one thing to charge out into an open field and getting shot to pieces from all sides by enemies that are 20 yards away in cover, but to get pelted into the ground by an endless barrage of bullets from melee range is atrocious if you are in close quarters. Not only do they not switch into melee after shooting a single burst, they just keep shooting and shooting and shooting, staggering you, so you get cut in ribbons by melee enemies as well.

This can’t be that hard. It worked with beastmen archers.


You’d do better if you stopped trying to play this like vermintide, and used your guns to kill stuff while you close in, and then switched to melee.

How hard is it to understand its a different game? This can’t be that hard. It works for every other developer in the world.


Bro i got clip when you are in range of melee they shoot you and they are like 15 on one person so no it’s not because it’s a new game or different that it should be like that just have to play damnation to see it. At this point just decrease the spotted trigger of range and also crate an ia who sitch when you are in range. Just an asking for future.

That’s not the point he’s making. The point is that enemies in melee range, usually dead silent on top of everything else, will just blast you to kingdom come with their ranged weapon anyway and there isn’t much to be done about it since you get chain-staggered. If ranged enemies made more sound (why are las patrols dead silent and not leak some radio transmissions? why are dreg patrols dead silent instead of chanting to Nurgle or something?) and made the sensible choice of sticking to a melee weapon when either the player engaged them in close quarters or they ended up moving in close quarters to the player, instead of just zooming around the player on ice-skates while locked on to their face and unloading chain-staggering headshots, a lot of jank and frustration in an otherwise very interesting gameplay loop would be fixed.


I dont think you understand the problem here, he is not complaining about getting shot while at shooting range.
He is complaining about the mobs not switching to melee mode when he engages them in actual melee combat.


What if I told you that if you came at me with a knife, I’m still gonna shoot you with my shotgun/pistol? What law says that an enemy MUST switch to melee 100% of the time?


Laws of game design, this aint real life dude.


If I was a dreg, I’d shoot until my clip was empty, then go in melee.

You’re right but your missing @Zarraya point. You wouldn’t have the problem if you approached the room with more caution.

You’re right its a game, and the enemy likes to pew pew you too.

Where in the game’s design did they promise enemies would always switch to melee at close range? :laughing:


and this makes all of the ogryns ranged weapons obsolete, you’re supposed to cower in “cover” while your vet HOPEFULLY takes care of those enemies embedded??? most of the time i’ll die while mfs try to stick their thumbs up tiers ass as far as they can. its a joke how easily they take away all the tougness with just one burst WHILE im enganging them in melee to actually try to stop them from doing that

According to the developers tourist.

What is this topic if not this exact issue persisting? They pull their guns back out whenever they’re out of shoving distance, and shoot you through masses of enemies. I have not seen a Dreg Shotgunner equip his melee weapon in weeks.


A lot of the times on higher difficulties you cant just sit back and try to out duel the mobs in ranged combat, even a single normal ranged mob will shred straight through your toughness with a couple of bursts, a lot of the time its more beneficial to rush in and tie the ranged mobs up with melee combat.
This is even more beneficial if you take into consideration that there are more reliable ways to avoid damage by being in melee combat while still dishing out damage, compared to range where you are either out of LOS being unable to do damage, or you are within LOS and can deal damage but will also take damage.

The game design is pretty much set up so that when you get within a certain range, the mobs will disengage from ranged mode and go into melee mode, so tankier classes like the ogryn and the zealot can push in and force ranged mobs into melee to reduce the ranged pressure on the rest of your team, ofc veteran and psyker can do the same, but they are better at other things.

So its problematic when a mob is still shooting while you are literally standing on his toes.


I wouldn’t hold your breath for a quick fix for this. Fatshark made drastic changes to multiple game mechanics the day before and of release and they are still trying to catch up on all the nonsense that created.

The couple times they said they touched ranged AI behavior I’ve noticed no actual change at all. Yesterday proved that patch notes are half fiction and half non-fiction at times. I guess the fun is figuring out which part is which.

I really feel for people that just wanna improve the feel of game like OP, because no matter what you do, you always get labled as a bad player for it. Some people are seemingly too ignorant to accept, that even if you can make something work in the most unfun way possible, you still don’t have to like it and it is more than valid to suggest ideas to improve upon the system.

I also agree, that ranged units need to more reliably switch to melee once engaged in such. It might not make sense from a point of realism, but for one this is a game, two 40k is not realistic and three nobody cares about realism in games with the exception being if it suits their argument.
By the same notion suppression should also be working, but it isn’t and both would make the game flow infinitely better.
Who am I kidding though. Some turd is gonna come crawling out of the mud again to defend their little cover shooter to the death.


I dont have this issue, but I think I can understand how the majority would have difficulty. It’s mainly Fatshark’s mistake for naming the weapons “primary” and "secondary.

One thing I have noticed is even if you are meleeing with your ranged weapon, they wont switch, but that’s about it.

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the tutoraial


I would expect that for the sake of simulating brutal combat at higher difficulties, it’s not a given that every single enemy follows the same, “wow, he’s within 3 meters of me, better whip out my melee” logic 100% of the time.

Well the beauty in these types of games is that you can actually master encounters with different types of enemies, but that is predicated on the fact that minion behavior is actually learnable. If they suddenly act wildly differently for no apparent reason whatsoever, that aspect of the game goes completely out the window. Again that’d feel more like RNG instead of skill inducing.


that is literally how the game is supposed to work


Well, have you SEEN what Fatshark has done with RNG in this game? :laughing:

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