Dont nerf ranged enemies to much!

I was one of the people asking to remove knockback from their attacks. After the last update, where ranged enemies were drastically nerfed, I’ve seen a few posts requesting more nerfs fro them. This is extremely dangerous for Darktide in my opinion. This game differs from V2 by offering a mix of melee and ranged combat which makes the overall gameplay much more fun. If you destroy the ranged component, which you effectively do by taking down ranged enemies, you are actually destroying the gameplay of this game. Ranged enemies must remain one of the main threats or you can delety all ranged weapons along with them :-/

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I disagree. Ranged is super OP if you’re not a psyker or vet. They don’t correctly respond to supression which is the problem. Shooting them doesn’t make them hide, so there’s littl;e counterplay


The most recent patch brought them more in line with what I expect for Heresy difficulty. I want to play with it more but right now the spawn and targeting behavior may be overturned somewhat but the damage per shot seems to be about right.

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It’s the stunlock and critical masses of ranged horde spam on difficulty 4 and especially 5.

Regular wave: Hordes of shooters spawn, replacing the melee hordes from lower difficulties.
Non stop streams of ogryn/specialist autogunners. Dual sniper spawns. All of the shooters have better accuracy and rapid fire from across the map.

Leave cover for one second and get pushed/stunlocked. They snipe THROUGH their own teammates while you’re engaged in melee, locking you in place and interrupting swings.

All that, and then they nerfed dodge-slide.

Seriously, WTF


You don’t want to make them hide, you want to shoot them in the head, which you can’t do when they’re hiding. You can even use the bolter if your aim is bad and just shoot her torso and they die :wink:

Yeah, that’s definitely not their final version, I know that. But as I said, it would be a very big mistake to nerf them to the ground.

Yeah i have also requested to adjust this kind of spawn behavior :wink:

They are still 100% of the damage I take without any real counterplay since they are hitscan and can hit me while I am fighting their mate within arm’s reach.

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I do agree that their behavior in higher difficulties doesn’t match what they do in lower ones. If they’re within melee range they shouldn’t continue to shoot you at basically point blank. The whole concept of “close into melee range to prevent them from shooting” falls apart when literally only the actual guy you’re swinging at puts down their gun, while their 5 other squad members continue to blast you.

I also suspect that the AI is tuned to target the most vulnerable character at any given moment. When you’re out of toughness, ranged enemies seem to preferentially target you.

Yes, when there’s like 10+ shooters, shooting at them should make them scurry, this doesnt happen all the time, you cant just kill them one by one before they start shooting back and supressing you, even with cover, especailly on higher difficulties. They just stand in the open and return fire unphased, its a quick way to die if you don’t chill for a sec or have a way too, especially with L4+ scab gunners/snipers.

“I also suspect that the AI is tuned to target the most vulnerable character at any given moment. When you’re out of toughness, ranged enemies seem to preferentially target you.”

That’s kind of interesting because I suspect there’s something similar with specials. Yesterday I got this new staff with My psyker that shoots lightning at many enemies at once and I started spamming this over and over and literally stunning every enemy on the field. Guess what happened? The game started to spam specials and they all fucused me. I got one hound to get arttacked by the second, I got attacked by both mutants and so on, over and over again. It was really extreme to the point where I screamed “wth is going on here” xD

I’ve literally shouted the same in multiple heresy games. Not the good “WTF is going on” where things are going batshit crazy but it’s generally applied and spread around to the group. But the bad “WTF is going on, why is everything happening just to ME?” kind of shouting.

so that would explain why Zealots are always targeted…

At least among my group, the Zealots are the least likely to go down. They’re primarily melee and on the move constantly, and dodging constantly which always messes with the AI. They’re constantly refilling their toughness with melee kills and their career skill, and regaining health.

The Veterans and the Psykers though (no one plays much Ogryn among us) tend to get hurt have their toughness broken and then the rest of the damage piles on shortly after.

dont nerf their effects… but remove their jesus aim

make them shoot to suppress, spray in an area, “try” to target players instead of hitting them every time, with their accuracy improving over time if they are left unharrased

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Lore accurate fixes:

-Severely nerf their accuracy against players engaged in melee. Make them friendly fire for stray shots.

-Zealot’s anti-stagger perk applies to ranged damage, not just melee

Honestly I wish there was 2 kinds of hordes. Melee hordes classic vermintide and there was a ranged horde so you could fire fight with then.

Problem when you got the two mixing is that huge ass mob clutter and there is a sniper in the middle, even with the broken ass bolter sometimes its not enough