FATSHARK - Common ranged enemies (not elites) - will they ever be changed?

They’ve got 100% accuracy and shoot really fast. I can understand shooting really fast but having 100% accuracy and bursting every millisecond at your face just doesn’t make sense.
I don’t propose a nerf to the damage itself but the accuracy and possibly the speed at which they shoot.

Either make a 100% miss chance on a sidestep dodge (instead of dodge + slide only), add resistance to common gunfire on boons.
My gameplay when i play Ogryn or Zealot (i only have issues against ranged with these 2 classes) is me dodging towards them whilst sliding or if i have the chance i’ll run at them and slide on the way which works well UNLESS there is 1 ranged enemy 5 meters away from the group itself.

I take alot of damage from elites aswell BUT that is to be expected because they are elites after all. When i lose a fight because 1 scab ranged enemy is standing 10 meters outside the horde killing my shield after 1 burst every second i start getting problems.

Nerfing the ranged enemies too much would kill the game difficulty which i find to be pretty good as of now on Damnation but the balance between melee and ranged is so far apart.

It might just be me as i come from Vermintide and have issues getting used to ranged enemies in general. I hated the archer beastmen from that game but that wasn’t because of the damage but the stunlock.

Bonus question
Whilsts we are at it, berserkers seem impossible to dodge when they’ve started their chained attacks. When they do 1 fast attack on you because you are super close to it it’s fully dodgable but as soon as their chain starts your only choice is so backstep or attempt to stun it with either your melee weapon or your ability.

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Getting really frustrated with this too.
They have pixel perfect accuracy, being able to shoot though the tiniest of gaps in terrain, often making it very hard to locate them too.
they never run out off ammo and have never reloading special rifles it seems, which enables them to keep up a constant stream of fire, unlike the player.
And being stunned by every hit only makes it more frustrating I think.
Plus there are so many of them it’s pretty nuts, the ratio shooters and melee type mobs is way off imo.

I think it’s rather odd that the dregs of society are so well armed and skilled btw.
It’s not very lore friendly either if you ask me


Aaaah that moment you realise ranged enemies were balanced around Sharpshooter vets

Atm they pose no threat whatsoever to Veterans. But they do for everything else.

It’s ridiculous. Melee attacks need to be dodged. Vet presses F and stands there with unlimited ult and no suppression.

But yes, they are oppressive for every other class.


The only enemies that seem to have 100% accuracy are Stalkers. Scab Shooters at 15m miss around 25% of their shots. At longer ranges even more than 50%.

They also all fire at the EXACT same time. I mean I know they’re a disciplined Guard regiment but my god, that kind of fire discipline would put even the Imperial Fists to shame.

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This is probably it. You have to use more sophisticated gap closing techniques than anything you’d do in Vermintide. You cannot just rush in towards a group of shooters if they have a bead on you. You need to take them from a side angle or bounce from cover to cover and then close that last gap with a well timed charge. Or leverage terrain to go on a flanking maneuver.

Some areas of the map are intentionally designed for you to be unable to just charge shooters. This was described by the map design team. Its intended to give a home to some kits and classes. When you come to those areas you either need to get clever or get shooty. The choice is yours. But shoters themselves aren’t that big a deal once you get used to them.

Isn’t this the same for vermintide berzerkers? Block and dodge backwards to get space and then either tire them out or stun them with something.

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In vt2 you can “dodge dance” them in mele range, avoiding any damage.

Block first hit from plague monk’s flurry, then dodge. The rest of the flurry will not hit you and then you can easily dodge their slow (non flurry)attacks. Northlanders a bit different tho.

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concept is great. Slow down the gameplay and be smart about the shooters. This doesn’t work very well on damnation since they aimbot you and swap targets straight away and aimbots them instead within a millisecond if they get too close. If they did it sniper style and slowed down to get the pinpoint accuracy in a burst id not be as annoyed but it’s the fact that they burst within 0.5 second intervalls simply aimbotting you during these bursts. I think it’s also due to the fact that they never “lose sights” on you when you go behind walls but instead continue to fire onto the wall straight at you having you locked on with their aim. Shotgunners are a great example of this.

But with that said, playing “smart” with sharpshooter and Zealots aswell at times works due to sharpshooters extreme resistance to ranged enemies with their power and Zealots being super fast with their charge. However Zealots fast mobility will not help when there are ranged enemies scattered about (1 enemy is enough) unless you’ve got the feat where you ignore stuns.

There are a number of ways to change ranged enemies and one would simply be to reduce the amount of ranged enemies.

I did try to play Malice and Heresy the other day however and i can see many people not “seeing” the issue as ranged enemies are almost a joke on those difficulties with their damage whomever you play as.

On damnation it starts to get tedious very fast to lose not because we didn’t handle specials well or hordes but a few ranged enemies exploding you with a aimbotted bullets to your face.

I play pretty much exclusively damation and damnation hi-int. I absolutely do not have the issue you are describing. I mean, yeah, shooters are dangerous. If you are out in the open and a couple shooters show up and you don’t position accordingly or deal with them in a timely manner, they will ruin your day. But I genuinely can’t remember the last time I actually went down to a shooter mob. You can absolutely ambush them or hit them from the flanks. Sometimes the safest thing to do is just shoot them. They do, in fact, take some time to pick you up as a target when you get the drop on them.

This is a good thing not a bad thing. The enemy understands your position and is attempting to suppress you. Admittedly maybe magdumping the wall is dumb but they will also hold fire until you peak. You need to move to a different corner or circle around. Or you need to wait for them to disengage aggro on you and then hit them when they’re looking at your team mates.

The enemy is accurate and dangerous, but you can also dodge their lengthily telegraphed shots. IMO melee chip damage kills more people than shooters.

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That’s super accurate tbh, if a soldier hits 50% of the time( in combat) they make him a sharpshooter, and if he’s good at that he goes to sniper school.
Moving and shooting a gun at moving targets is very hard.
There are dozens of scabs and dregs shooting at the players plus everything else that is coming at you. Hiding in a cornor for so called cover gets you killed too.
The irritation level here is getting super high. I mean it’s not like this game has a cover system or something. Unlike the enemy who seem to take cover a lot, you have to expose yourself to get something done.
It just feels like being shot by mass robots, not human hobos with a cheap gun.

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The dreg shooters have the same priority for me as gunners or shotgunners.

Funnily enough, 1 dreg autogunner will kill you almost as fast like a “special” gunner. You will get stunlocked in place and if a platoon of them spawned behind you, then welcome back to Mourningstar.

If I play as veteran, then they’re just a moderate threat and are quite easy to deal with. Other classes though… Pure pain.


I’d really like the stalker scav shooters to show up on Veteran’s counterfire, at least.


My biggest beef with shooters is the fact taht cover is VERY OFTEN a lie.

I always feel like when I hide behind an item, lose COMPLETE sight of the situation, yet the top of my head is still getting clipped.

Fatshark, that’s a given rule in cover shooters: if you can’t see them through a box, they can’t see you either. Nor shoot you.

Additionally, enemies can peek and shoot behind said cover, thing that players cannot.

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