Shooters rework

Shooters are OP no matter what difficulty you’re in but my suggestion is

1-Reduce the weapon rate of fire of the shooters
2-Reduce dmg slightly
3-Have a limit to how many shooters can shoot at a time so there will be no 5837509385135 shooters shooting you at once because that’s nonsense its just unplayable with maps/places that have no good cover
4-Shooters at 5-10meter radius(or something) will instantly swap to melee weapon and attack. Elites/Specials are an exception of course
5-Reduce push back when they shoot at you


Honestly my biggest problem with shooters is just the stagger/knock-back. Them dealing massive damage in groups is fine, it makes you want to go take cover and deal with them intelligently but you can’t do that if you get stunlocked to death.


If people are walking into a firing line of ready to fire shooters that’s kind of on the team for doing a bad job advancing and not a shooter OP issue. There are a lot of tools and often alternate routes to get at them if they’re laying in wait. Also sometimes it doesn’t hurt to fall back a bit and lure them out of cover if things are going very poorly (people down.)


Shooters are not op…
As a veteran, you have the ult to highlight them and to eliminate them, as a zealot, you can slide/use your ult to go through the gap between you and them, as Ogryn you should have no difficulty to eliminate them, as psyker you have BB or your staff to remove any threat.

I say that and sometimes I die from them… and every time it happens, my feeling is… “I was too stupid, why did I do that???”


easy to say

Ranged enemies are about the only thing justifying how strong players are.

Maybe shotgunners need a slight adjustment, but the rest of them have counters to them in game from not doing bleed through toughness damage to having damage reduction to all shots when toughness breaks (iirc, dmg reduction for one second, five second cooldown).

Also movement, yeah it varies depending on ping, but sliding is still 80-90% effective to approaching them. Also the weapons we have just being good.


Yeah, they need to be reverted so they can kill me like they used to. They’re so weak now I’m not even afraid of them anymore :frowning:

make shotgunners scary again.


They got tweaked?

I must have missed it, I was just thinking their warning flash isn’t consistent.

Still isnt. Instead they nerded their damage. They used to break my 100 toughness and deal 25hp damage in a single full pellet hit. But now they deal 75 toughness damage only.

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Imo, enemy damage/stagger should not be able to cancel ogryn and zealot ults.
I have died plenty of times, using my ult to rush shooters, just for one of them to stop me in my tracks, leaving me out in the open with no ult to get away.

Aside from that, i think shooters are fine.


Agree about this

And that’s a point that was not proposed

Shooters are fine as they are. I read a lot of inexperience in the open post starting with:

Just start to think out of the box, try to play around them, close the gap, or play Vet and sit back watching your team to do the work.
There are dozens of possibilities to deal with them easily. Sheet might still happen, but they´re not op or something, they´re fine.

The 2 real problems i see with shooters is the chain-stagger they can inflict indefinitely especially when melee characters use their ult to close the gap ; in that case they should be immune to stagger and maybe introduce a cooldown of 3 or 5 seconds which you cannot be staggered again during that time for regular combat.

The other problem is when in close proximity they are supposed to retreat or going in melee, which is very unreliable because they keep shooting point blank half of the time. That’s especially the case with Scab Stalkers who advance toward you but keep shooting even if they take a melee hit. Combined with the fact that the Vet’s ult don’t consider them as priority target and have Scab Shotgunners with them most of the time they are way more dangerous in my opinion than the regular shooters who are supposed to take cover and make more damage.


I mainly play zealot but, sure, as I started a new veteran to replace my old one, I actually play a lot vet, but my heart is zealot.
However, I disagree here. The ult should not be canceled by gunners… HOWEVER, there should not be a cooldown to not be staggered with the ult. It would be really OP.
However, I would suggest that “Thy Wrath be Swift” feat could immune a little against ranged attacks.


Hell no, shooters already were nerfed a few times. Too much even maybe.


Those are just challenges to overcome. For all people tell me shooters are so dangerous, and they are, i would actually say i see people go down to poxwalker chip damage more often in damnation. A misplay, a little lag, and maybe a missing audio sting and 4 guys have just slapped your tushy and are laughing at you kneeling on the floor. Happens to people all the time. Shooters are so easy to play around that i rarely even lose toughness to them let alone take damage. When i do i know its because i positioned badly.

Ogryn shouldn’t be getting staggered by anything smaller than Gunners. Let alone his charge. But the zealot is immune to ranged fire while charging. It only has vulnerability for a brief duration when you initially start running. So you can’t use it to rush someone actively shooting you. But you can deadrush a sniper and take 0 damage

i play damnation most of the time shooters are fine until all your team mates die and your last alive they all surround you and start blasting you even when your close by literally cant move cant run cant hide cant do anything at all in situations like that. the knock back from the shooting is too tough your death is guaranteed


Being like “The enemies are too hard.” when we talk about the worst circumstances in a coop-game, then i seriously don´t know what to tell you.

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Why can in not be like Vermintide 2 when you’re last alive its based on Skill and when you are last your team can say he can clutch but when you’re last alive in Darktide your team will say fudge it and leave the game because we all know we’re doomed I wouldn’t mind if the maps had a lot of cover but most of the time you’re in plain sight you cant do sheet

Even keanu reeves cant handle it