Please fix ranged combat. the game should be fun, not sadistic

im sorry but the ranged combat plus melee in this game is a dumpster fire.

i shouldnt have to be fighting off a horde of hundreds while also getting shot from behind by two freaking MG guys.

either debuff ranged opponents and get rid of the stupid flinching or fix the mechanic of when the enemy switches to melee as you get closer.

just make the game fun yet challenging.

also fix the damn switching of weapons. the moment i hit switch weapon it should switch. not wait for my guy to complete some stupid animation.


This was addressed, and I have seen a noticeable reaction time improvement from enemies.

When you are being hit by bullets or melee? There is one for each hit. And there is also an exaust of stamina that causes your to get stunned. Are you running to each fight using all of your stamina?

What difficulty are you on? 2 MG sounds like diff 3. Why are they behind you? Sounds like positioning maybe a problem. Find a wall to have your back, since your teammates maybe busy.

What class are you using? Maybe you can try a character with a charge, to disengage and find cover.

Maybe try the veteran or psyker and pick off the ranged units behind your team that you are frustrated with.

Do you have any suggestions to accomplish this?

I think the game is fun and challenging. We just need some polish on performance.

Dont give up on the game if you like it! @GMoney0311

It sounds to me that you’re taking on more than you can chew. Darktide is very unforgiving, it could very well be the way the game is, but it could also be your playstyle.

What, you mean you don’t like ranged enemies that:

-stun the player on hit, stopping movement and attacks
-knockback players
-shoot through hordes of their own teammates engaged in melee with players
-ranged hordes replace melee hordes on difficulty 4/5
-regular spawns with multiple ogryn/specialist autogun in addition to ranged horde spam
-rapid fire
-shoots from across the map while behind cover and shadows as dozens of pixel sized targets
-nerfed dodge and dodge-slide so you just get stunlocked and die if you’re not ratting behind every piece of cover
-completely ignore Warhammer rules that don’t let ranged weapons fire when engaged, or let units shoot at targets engaged in melee with friendlies

If you don’t want every class to play like a CS or Sniper Elite where’s Waldo match, this game’s not for you /s