Supression not working? Also ranged units in melee

While I have not played the advanced tutorial for the preorder beta, I distinctly remember that shooting at enemies made them seek cover and was meant to give you space. Now I shoot at a ranged unit they stand in place and shoot back? Bug or feature you tell me. Furthermore the range at which ranged units start to shoot you in melee is not fun. If I start enganging a group of ranged enemies in melee and every single one of them starts shooting again instead of meleeing once I’m 3ft away I might just not melee in the first place, which - considering how much of a camp-fest that turns into - is no fun.


It is indeed bugged.

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yeah totally agree with you on this one. So I play Zealot and I think I can charge near them and they have to swap to melee, they often do, but not always and surely not all of them.



The ability to essentially ‘stop’ ranged attacks from coming in on the group is a huge tool in the veteran’s toolbox. Locking down the programming of AI to be suppressed and/or seek cover should definitely be a priority as often times relying upon killshots in the heat of combat can be tricky at best.

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Yeah. It’s not working. As an Ogryn player it is a nightmare to fight any gunners past difficulty 2 without a shield. I swear gunners and dogs are programmed to shoot me as a priority and even seen them ignore my partners in melee range to just shoot at me on the other side of the room. I recently got access to the Heavy Stubber which allows me to throw 125+ rounds down range in order to suppress enemies. I tried it one game and ran into a group of gunners. Not one of them moved or ran as I rained down hell on them. They need to fix this fast as it’s a major component of the game and even part of the tutorial.


If you’re close but not close enough to physically swing a melee weapon at them, they will simply stand there and shoot you in the face almost point-blank. Fun !

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I’ve had a Dreg autogunner (yellow cloak guys) walk backwards on me and melt me with autogun fire from somewhere juuuust out of melee range (3ft) infuriating.


These bad boys just refuse to take out their melee weapon unless you’re giving them a kiss. I will rush headlong into melee with scav gunners and guardsmen, but with autogunners and shotgunners ? No way.

plus just getting to them is so much worse, to many gunners just results in a person trying to play melee to tie them down just being stun locked. The devs should just admit that don’t want melee or zealots in their game. The Zealots special ability cant even charge through the ranged knock back, you just yell and stand in place. Like they had it working great and then just made it worse!

Can confirm, this feature is either not working, or is too weak. We also need feedback for when it occurs to know from a distance if we proc’d the effect.

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this really needs to be fixed, the fact that this isn’t working means that certain situations with lots of gun enemies (especially on the endless horde modifier) are just completely broken.