Just another post regarding enemies shooting you while you are within their personal space

It’s in the title.

Struggling to get in range of a group of ranged enemies just to have them open fire within arm’s reach is just bad.
They should either flee or melee.


I’ve observed this occurs when you have your primary/ranged weapon in hand.
As soon as you swap to Melee, they give you a red flash and swap to their melee too.
It’s a bit strange.
Basically if you’re trying to get close, have your melee weapon ready.
Maybe you were trying that already, though.
If you have your primary in hand, they will just keep shooting the hell out of you.

I was going to say the same thing. If you have melee equipped they do engage .

But if you have your ranged weapon out you can be in their face and they will still shoot.

That makes a lot of sense, honestly. Nobody brings a knife to a gun fight.
Well, except for the Zealot maybe…

it does make sense. Was just making an observation. Thinking its working just fine.

Although Id probably still try to shoot a guy a meter or 2 away instead of swapping to melee…(if I was the AI being rushed)

Realism doesn’t make for good gameplay :')

Then pistols should count as melee weapons in terms of that AI based off TT rules.