Ranged enemies are still a bit ndecisive about switching to melee

The latest patch did wonders in this regard, but the range is still a tad bit too small where enemies will switch to melee, and too often, ranged enemies seem to be a little indecisive if they should switch. Now, instead of pelting you with endless barrages of bullets while standing like 10 feet away, they will shoot something like half a salvo, then switch to melee. A huge improvement, but I think it’s still a little unnecessary. It seems like enemies with lasguns and Scab Gunners and Shotgunners arer more prone to his than enemies with autoguns. And no, I am not talking about enemies shooting at you while you are approaching. I mean the situation where they did not shoot at you, you are in melee range, they shoot a couple a shots and then it almost looks like they were thinking “Oh, right, I’m supposed to use my melee weapon!” and stop mid-burst and then take their melee out. They should not even consider shooting you once you are in melee range, which should be maybe 25% to 30% larger than it is now.

Keep it up, we are almost there!

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I agree

Still got blasted point blank by Ivan’s 4 mates when I engaged their merry following in melee.