Slayer vs bosses (melee vs bosses)

  1. pop STR potion
  2. ult to boss and hit them twice
  3. boss starts running off
  4. pot runs out
  5. reach boss again
  6. boss does a 180 degree turn and downs you in 1 hit with block up

This made me laugh so hard

Not to mention the dumb mechanic of the boss knocking you back when you are behind him and he attacks someone. Like whats the logic behind that.


I feel like you can melee everything but spawn really well but, yeah, the way they can do a non-forecast 180 smash is bullet. Roger you can solo without moving by going in n out to trick him into smashing ad nauseam. Troll you can circle slash w dodge strafe forever. Fiend you can strafe and his bash is extremely well forecast. Spawn is just bs cuz you can stay close and his smash is artificially quick right now.

I feel you with the ‘‘boss runs off’’ but as for the getting 1shot I always recommend erring on the safe side and practicing your ability to keep a boss stationary by learning their attack intervals, it can save your life if you’re stuck near a wall and will avoid these sudden 180 turns (unless you’re talking ogres, they turn on a dime at certain latency levels.) But even then I’d say ‘‘If you’re not sure, always block/dodge.’’ in any scenario in this game, stamina regenerates faster than health in just about all cases! (though that’s beyond bosses.)

  1. get close to boss
  2. pop SPEED potion
  3. hit them 4 times
  4. boss starts running off
  5. ult to boss and hit them 5 more times
  6. aggro is now on you
  7. let BH, Sienna and Huntsman finish the job


  1. Let your pocket BH aggro the boss
  2. Wait till boss gets to BH
  3. pop STR potion
  4. ult to boss and start hitting them
  5. now there is 2 possilble outcomes:
    boss downs BH and starts murdering them -> finish off the boss
    BH knows how to dodge (is it possible, though) -> boss does a 180 degree turn and downs you in 1 hit with block up -> your body tanks the boss while BH saves the day

Exactly this right here. I saw some “tips” like if the boss is on you just dodge backwards all the time…its the worst thing you can do (barring you getting hit/grabbed). Especially if there is no ranged boss killer. It is sooo annoying to try to catch up with the boss and trying to hit it at least once in a minute. The least you can do is to dodge backward BUT also taking it in a circle and NOT running around with it across the whole mission if you can keep it in place. Its not that hard.
I would say that basically try to keep close: go up his face then dodge back or left, depending on the attack. Just learn how long it takes for it to initiate the next attack and based on that you will know very quickly whats he gonna do.

and if you are giving a backmassage to the boss then you also have to watch out and consider the fact that the next attack is maybe targeted at you…

I still remember in VT1 the first time I soloed the ogre, while dispatching like 2 packmasters and one assassin I think…mmm good times. Do you know how long it takes to kill an ogre with a 1h hammer?

That’s like asking how many dwarves it takes to unscrew a Rasknitt from a Deathrattler!

But yeah, instead of running away like your hair’s on fire it’s better to skirt the edges of the boss’s melee range and then strafe to dodge the hits so you can learn the swingtimers, once comfortable with that you can actually learn walking up to a boss right after it strikes, doing the count and then dodging out of the attack-frame before walking in again.

Timed correctly you can even get a charged headshot off everytime the boss misses a swing. Proper boss-dancing will make it easier for everyone and will make the boss go down a lot quicker! Then it’ll just be chaos patrols… doublehookrats… doublegasrats… doubleassassins with double stormsorcerers that try to murder you. :smiley: That’s just another day of End Times though c:

PS: Just don’t get greedy against bosses, but honestly, never get greedy to get a hit off in general. You’ll notice a lot more games at <200 damage taken once you start playing more opportunistic and conservative! (bar awful luck, of course)

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