What fighting a bile troll with melee looks like now

This patch is incredible. I mean I wish I could simply revive my team and then kill it but it doesn’t help that there’s an invisible wall that blocks you from reviving them, that blocks you from getting to any ammo or items to fight it. All you can do is keep swatting at him for half an hour and then give up because the weapon damage is so bad.

Good luck waiting to be revived if you happen to be dead, you get to watch as whoever is left punch a brick wall and with the amount of time it takes you’ll have more luck simply quitting and starting a new game. Apparently melee is supposed to be viable now, but I find that hard to believe when ranged weapons are the only options for a reasonable damage output unless you’re a shade with 75% backstab damage.

It’s come to a point where if I hop into quickplay and it’s a boss, the majority of people just suicide because it’s too much trouble for very little reward. I’m all for challenge; I don’t want the game to get easier, but when it’s faster and simpler to simply suicide/restart instead of overcoming the challenge, when fighting is so much of a chore that it is neither fun or worth bothering you have a serious problem with the game.


Without ranged DPS, you can hardly outpace his passive regen.

Change your strategy :
People are wasting ultimates for no good reason and then this happens and “ho no, no more ultimate”.
You can stun lock them to death with a concentration potion.

And if people are dead before/from the fight, then you made a mistake somewhere else which you probably shouldn’t have.

Git Gud.

First off, not every ultimate in the game stuns the boss. What if you’re an Ironbreaker or Handmaiden for example? Assuming you do use your ult to stun the troll, that’s like 3 seconds or so to melee him which he will regenerate the moment he finishes staggering. If it’s just a matter of finding a concentration potion then you’d better hope you get perfect rng before the boss because it’s not like you can simply go grab one when the invisible wall goes up. Assuming you do have a concentration potion AND can stun the boss AND can do enough dps to down him, he will still go into his regeneration state and the whole thing will start all over again.

In Vermintide 1 you could solo the boss if you were good enough and revive the rest of your team. In this game it just puts them on the other side of an invisible barrier. Yeah sure you can kill any boss with ease if you use the right tactics and have the right team composition, that isn’t the point of the thread. The point is that the game puts you in situations where it’s better to restart instead of continuing to play.

It isn’t a matter of “git gud” it’s a matter of poor game design, developer oversight and smacking the boss for over half an hour isn’t skillful it’s just tedious.

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I am also not a fan of the wall that keeps you in the boss area. I think if your strategy is to run like crazy then that is viable and can be fun, and sometimes it is necessary to retreat and regroup.


Imo it’s right… Ranged should to kill bosses and specials.

Once had to restart a level because of that stupid wall.

The Shallyan Hospital mission… Convocation of decay, was it?

We had a Troll spawn when we entered the sewers and it glitched itself stuck… in the animation to go into healing, meaning we couldn’t damage it for even a single HP point.

We decided to move… and after 2/3rs or so of themap couldn’t continue because of the Wall! AWESOME!!!


Yeseterday I had a troll glitch into its walking animation inside a rock, when it got its first knockdown it was stuck in that state and was invincible. I threw a bomb at it but it wouldn’t move. Couldn’t kill the troll, couldn’t progress further. Had to just restart.

they should add an abandonment penalty system

I think only the Troll and the Stormfiend bosses create that stupid wall, the stupid wall definitely needs to go away.

another toxic player.

I’ve had the troll getting stuck in a wall issue aswell - had to restart.

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