Why does every attack of bile troll still hit through block

Every single attack of his still hits through block. He still heals like he’s sipping healing draughts every 2 seconds. Can we not have a self-full healing boss x5 that has anti-block on literally all of his attacks? This has been discussed again and again and it’s still a thing in this game. I’m beyond sick of this anti-fun, terrible boss.



yes. i coulda sworn i read somewhere in the patch notes that they ‘fixed’ it so it wouldn’t damage players on block, but i can’t find it anywhere. i might have been dreaming.

Youre not dreaming. That was definitely in one of the recent patch logs. They probably removed it after realizing their fix didnt work? I didnt bother checking them all again, so maybe you just missed it.

as for

His regen is fine. Unless youre alone and you happen to be specced more towards tankiness rather than dps(in which case, you can outrun him and get your teammates up since hes slow), its easy to mitigate. Hes much easier to burst down, compared to, say, a chaos spawn. The health regen makes up for that a bit. Its lore friendly too. Trolls have extreme healing abilities in the lore. In this case, we are dealing with nurgle(known for being an absolute pain to kill stuff dedicated to him) on top of that. Its fine. Any half decent team can take him on, even when 2 ppl are busy killing a horde. If youre having trouble with that, its not the troll, its you.

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You forgot the 10 specials and occasional random chaos patrol. Lore comes second to gameplay. His regen is not fine and makes any attempt at soloing via melee near impossible. Sure you can try to run to your team, but then you go into all the ambiance units and he can still camp you so you can’t get people up. I’d rather take a quality game over lore-concentrated anti-fun BS any day of the week. He also has moments of invincibility and still has a second form of regen where he eats his own vomit. He’s a terrible boss.

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