Remove Bile-Wall on Troll, at least until it is bug-free

Don’t know why that is, but out of the last four or five rounds we had to fight a troll, it bugged out and couldn’t be killed and because of the bile-wall, it meant GG. I don’t get the concept behind the bile wall and the flame wall (maybe it is because they are “slow bosses”, I don’t know) and I’d like to see them go completely (since it completely nullifies clutch-character builds. You can clutch all you want, if you cannot run and pick up your DPS-friends, you’d better pick a DPS character to begin with), but this is an issue that HAS to be adressed asap as there is no way to circumvent it and to be honest, I am getting REALLY tired of it. The amount of rounds lost to garbage like that has become outrageous for me and as long as the troll can bug out like that, the wall simply has to go.


The walls don’t make any sense anyways. Seems like a silly gimmick and I hope they remove them forever.

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The bile is not a big deal. The troll is in a good spot right now balance wise. The bile is even readyi to dodge now.

He means the wall, not the bile. Troll and field both erect an impassable barrier when they spawn.

Troll and Stormfiend do, yes.

Yeah, fiend, sorry. Corrected.

Besides missing my point: The troll, above all other bosses, has too much DR against melee weapons. Otherwise, he is quite fine.

Of course the wall makes sense. Otherwise you can just kite him till you reach the end/unpassable terrain for the troll.

Not really though? If you just keep moving and kiting the troll you’ll eventually trigger a horde/event/specials and then the troll will mess your sh** up right proper.

I haven’t seen any impassable terrain yet, but honestly if people can manage to escape then no problem let em. Technically you could kite rat ogre or spawn to the end and people don’t, because it’s a recipe to have to fight a boss and a horde at once later.


Kiting bosses is kinda the only real strategy on em to begin with. I realize the troll and the stormfiend are “slow bosses” with “ranged attacks” and could technically be avoided alot easier. Make em faster or whatnot, I don’t care, but not being able to get passed certain parts of the map to potentially revive your teammates kinda beats the purpose of clutch characters, some of the carreers blatantly have talents catered towards being “last resort” heroes. If you cannot be sure that this ability will be useful, you don’t use it. You could also make players not respawn beyond the wall. It would be a quirky workaround, but at least it doesn’t force dead players to watch someone dance bosses for hours and miles. The topic, however, is focused more towards situations where the troll bugs out, cannot be killed and your whole effort is wasted, since you cannot progress anymore. There are enough bugs as it is to take away good rounds from you, but this to me is one of the most frustrating ones.

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