Nerf bile troll

Bile trolls are the most unfun, BS thing you can fight in this game. They’ll regen to full hp in like less than a minute. All their attacks, all of them, go through your block. It’s almost impossible to dodge their attacks. Its AoE slow/blind/stamina drain/DoT is insanely strong. It runs at mach 5. There is almost no telegraphing. They’re just not fun. On Legend they result in wipes so much because they’re so insanely difficult to kill half the time. Especially because they’re sent with endless specials and a horde and regenerate at such ridiculous speeds. They have periods of time where they go invincible. They were certainly a joke in beta. They make even Sigmar shake in his boots now.

I normally try to just play around stuff, but it’s practically impossible to play around troll. You just have to hope you nuke it fast enough. If you even can.

To my knowledge from the beta to release they’ve only nerfed the troll (his puke). So theoretically he is already nerfed since beta. I think the main issue in beta was all the über talents and class cooldowns that blasted the troll to kingdom come. I can’t speak for legend difficulty trolls as I don’t remember any. But for champion and below they are nothing special. I guess harder than Rat Ogre, but then again, what isn’t?

In beta his bile was pretty easy to dodge(so it’s good that it got changed). Then it was too strong and practically undodgeable. Now it’s at a proper spot. The troll wasn’t nearly as oppressive as he is now. He was slower and easier to dodge. I don’t remember if his attacks passed block in beta though. I just remember him being easy.

On launch date though, the bile troll was made into a killing machine. He was overpowered, no doubt.

Bile Troll is pretty bullshit to be honest.

The bile attack itself can only be avoided if you’re within a far enough range to side dodge since the front of him going forwards is hit near instantly, the resulting slowing pool that then also removes your stamina shields leaves you blinded, slowed, AND wide open to any sort of attack, and literally all but one of it’s melee attacks still grants it the ability to quickly move forward in addition to covering far more range than any of the other bosses.

It is outright bullshit that the Bile Troll can essentially wipe a single player out with a single combo (Bile into Overhead smash) because the only counterplay to it is to hope he doesn’t spew on you when you’re right close to him trying to melee him.

In addition to all this he also fast as hell and can pretty much do an instant spin on any of his melee attacks, making back dodges your only real option since with everything else he just tracks you far too well to avoid it (including the goddamn overhead smash.)

This is the big issue in my experience, especially in areas where the bile isn’t dodgeable, such as one of the Festering Grounds spawns and most of the Convocation/Hunger spawns. If someone gets hit there, the game essentially just decides that that player dies. It’s been discussed before, but it’d be nice if the troll was forced to swap aggro after bile’ing someone.

Honestly I think the bile just shouldn’t drain your stamina shields, or the Bile Troll should have a longer recovery time from his vomiting.

You already got punished with a blind, a slow, and a Damage over Time effect along with being stranded in a giant acid puddle, you don’t need to lose your ability to defend yourself on top of all that.

The nerf helped, but this dude is still waaaay tougher than the other bosses. if you don’t have the means to burst him down before he can do much, you are in for a world of hurt.

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