Bile Trolls & Boss Gates

There is a rather large problem I’ve noticed with bile trolls on legend difficulty. Because they have a large passive healing ability, and the potential to regen to full after being knocked down to half health they can become impossible to kill in some situations where there are only 1-2 players alive. This wouldn’t be so bad except that they also have these really immersion breaking boss gates that make them unavoidable. This has led to multiple situations where the last player alive has to just decide to commit suicide because even though they are still healthy and capable, they can no longer progress the mission because they can’t revive their team, and they can’t kill the boss. This really ruins one of my favorite parts of the game, those edge-of-your-seat moments where 1-2 people are just barely able to pull through. I don’t know how fatshark envisioned the game, but I can’t imagine they’d want to have any regular occurring situation where players are force to just give up on the level instead of fighting it out to the bitter end like the characters they are playing as.

If I were to make a recommendation, it would be to either remove the boss gate (probable not going to happen as much as I hate them with a burning passion), place the boss gate after the team respawn point (kinda like what they did with SpineMangler where you respawn in his arena now), or reduce his indecent amount of self healing.


Boss walls are amongst the most mind-boggingly daft design desicisions I have ever seen in any game for those exact same reasons. The troll is absolutely GG if your DPS heroes are dead and you cannot revive them, no matter how high your skill.


If they really don’t want people to be able to drag a boss all the way to the gate of shadows, then just make players not respawn on the other side of the boss wall.
Add new respawn points in appropriate locations if needed.


I second this. Boss gates should not be a thing.


Third for boss gates need to be removed from the game. Terrible mechanic.

If people try to outrun the troll (or stormfiend), they’re just setting themselves up to be screwed over later, when they run into a horde / patrol / event / whatever and have the boss catch up at a really bad time.

If the player is a speedrunner planning to outrun everything to the end, they’re just going to immediately quit anyway.


Some time ago I made this exact post and it didn’t seem to change anything. I wish you better luck.

boss trolls and bill gates

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Instead of a wall the boss should leave the map and reappear in front of you.
Or just give them a sprinting mode to keep up with the players.

Or simply just put the wall at the bridge of shadows. So no matter what, you have to fight it. But at least you can go get your guys up. This way you don’t have to mess around with any respawn points.


The Boss gates are pointless, especially because they arent consistent. There is no reason why those gates only show up on bile trolls and stormfiends. Feels like Fatshark couldnt decide if they let the boss gates in or not, so they just did a middle thing and let them spawn during only two boss fights. Nevertheless, the gates have to go.

On another note, the passive healthregen on troll is also not needed. They already have a two special mechanics with the vomit and the possible health regen after being downed and that is more than enough to make him unique. Infact, ist already more than any other Boss has and that already justifiys his low health pool. So take away the passive health regen and give him some more resilience or whatever.

The gates were implemented because those bosses are too slow to keep up with running players.

The bile troll sure as hell can keep up with me running away all the time.

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Besides, do you really think the majority of players can outrun the troll for half a map AND all the ambient mobs AND the hordes that spawn AND the parade of specials? Boss walls have no purpose, they are on an absolutely mind-boggling level of bad game design and they devalue clutch-character-concepts which are explicitly considered valid by the game and especially with the troll, even if the last man standing can deal out the dps to battle against the regen, the others are forced to watch an endless fight without any chance of ever participating in it again.

The reasoning for the barriers isn’t mine but Fat Shark’s.
I actually think that the troll has some kind of bugged sprint that makes him just as fast as the spawn and ratogre.

never claimed it was yours :slight_smile:

I personally think they did it for speed runners. If one person from the party stays in the spawn at the start of the map, and the other runs ahead, it completely bugs all the mobs. Normally, by the time you get your first horde, the game can’t handle the amount of mobs spread out over a large area. The mobs forget how to run, or simply run in place, others take to the sky and fly around. The few mobs that are capable of chasing after you run at half their normal speed. You can very easily just walk past everything. You don’t even need a handmaiden or slayer to sprint/jump ahead. I’ve done it with a waystalker and multiple other characters. And you can do it on every single map.

The only map it doesn’t work on it the fort brakenbruk or w/e it’s called. Because you will just get the objective to defend the gate and it will never go away. But even on maps like Convacation of Decay or Empire in Flames. At the end when you have to stand in the circle, the mobs are all so retärded you can just keep running in a circle around pool and nothing will hit you. On empire in flames where you have to put the barrels in cart, the mobs will all just run into the walls and so on. Just chuck in the barrels and keep running. I’ve even had a Chaos Spawn chasing me around the entire map, but it’s so slow it can’t get anywhere near you.

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Righteous Stand bugs out at the end when you have to many enemies around as the progression of the statue seems to be coppled to the spawn of waves. You can progress if you slay some stuff dough.

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This also happens normally if the host has a really bad PC. My mate has hosted a game on legend, and there were hardly any mobs in the entire map of war camp. We never stopped running forward and just used our ranged weapons to kill the few mobs that appeared without ever stopping to attack. There was maybe once or twice we had to switch to our melee weapons to kill a few mobs that were actually blocking our path.

Meanwhile, if I host war camp on legend. The spawn area, as in the 2 paths you can take left or right towards the first tome in the house at the start. That area will have around 6 CW’s, around 10 stormvermin, a patrol, 4-6 flamethrowers/ratling guns, 2-4 hookrats/gutter runners, 2 gas rats and a horde. And if one of my team mates is stupid enough to drop down the ledge right after tome, a boss will usually spawn during all this as well.

The game seems to be very CPU dependent. Which is why people will underclock their CPU’s just to make Legend easy mode.