Prevent dead allies from respawning past boss barriers

Prevent dead allies from respawning past boss barriers.

If Rat Ogre and Stormfiend were the only bosses, it would matter less, but the resilience of the bile troll and unpredictability(and almost total lack of telegraphing due to erratic action intervals) of chaos spawn make them too unrealistic and unfun to fight alone. As it stands, careers with high damage are the only ones who can even realistically take them down alone(without the assistance of things like ammo boxes) because they simply heal too much(particularly true with meleeing them to death).


Better idea. Get rid of the damn boss barriers of anti-immersion all together


^this 100%.

These barriers are terrible. I also don’t understand why they even exist for the troll… he isn’t the fastest boss, but he certainly has no trouble catching up to me whenever I’m trying to run away.

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True. Pretty sure all of the bosses can catch up to you without much trouble. There is also the issue of the chaos bosses being disproportionately more difficult to fight.

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