Remove acid barrier that prevents map progression during Bile Troll spawns

I’ve had three good runs ruined now because something with the network code bugs out and the bile troll freezes and stop taking damage. So we move on but we can’t progress because the acid wall blocks progression and we have to abandon the map.

From what I’ve seen no other boss has a wall like this to block progress. So why the troll when it is so buggy? I don’t like getting trolled like that.


Other bosses do get barriers as well , the stormfiend gets a green flame barrier .

Thanks I didn’t know. There are some spots like Ogre after screaming bell with no block I think. But get rid of all of them honestly. If we want to kite a boss the whole level let us. Better than ruined maps because we can’t kill boss and can’t get through wall.

I agree , barriers are just a usless idea , forcing players to conform instead of allowing freedom to choose how they want to play . Also sometimes team mates spawn past the barrier so you have no chance of kiting the boss to rescue them :confused:

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+1 this.

There’s nothing quite like knowing you’re the last one alive and as you’re 10 feet from reviving teammates up a small set of stairs… Theeere’s a bosswall.

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