Stormfiend and Troll barriers

I’ve noticed that the Troll and Stormfield, generate some barriers (with a gas / green fire) that block your way a little further from where these monsters appear.

I suppose this is meant to prevent players from fighting against these enemies and simply decide to run away.

However, I am completely against this measure, for several reasons:

  • If any of your companions dies and reappears beyond this barrier, you can not mislead the Monster and try to revive your partner to help you in combat. If you are unlucky enough to be alone at the moment this one appears, you are condemned to fight alone against him, because yes, and you can not try to revive your companions unless you first kill the enemy alone.

  • It is such an “artificial” element that takes you out of the game’s immersion. You cut the roll very badly, as it blocks you for no reason, because it is not hurt, it is simply an invisible wall.

  • If you do not know this problem, you get into a trap, because this barrier is usually located in narrow areas, so if you stop with it, it is normal to have behind you a lot of enemies (including the Monster) which you can not escape or fight in good conditions.

  • It is clear that this game is not designed to pass it to the “spidrun” without fighting or anything, but that is up to the players, and this measure totally blocks that possibility for anyone who wants to do it.

CONCLUSION: Please, eliminate this measure, it is frustrating.


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