Green fog prevent me to proceed Level 3/Act 3

Issue summary:
I’m playing level 3 of act 3 and a green fog does not allow me to proceed.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start level 3/act 3
  2. Don’t kill the boss
  3. Green Fog appears, leave me trapped

Does it occur every time?
When I just follow the path without kill the boss the problem occurs.

The Troll and Stormfiend both spawn unpassable walls for some reason. They will disappear once you have defeated the boss.
I’m not sure of the reason why this exists honeslty, you can’t progress and rescue teammates. So this isn’t a bug, but it shouldn’t really be a feature in a team based game either.


Yep not a bug, but I hope they change it anyway. Especially with the troll - if some people get killed, one or two people (depending on the build) won’t be able to deal enough damage to kill it. Running ahead and rescuing teammates is pretty much the only option in that situation, and running into an arbitrary wall is real frustrating.


I’ve had a few cases where the boss would climb up on to the wood paths where the 2nd tome is and get stuck trying to come down when the party drops down. If you don’t have Sienna and a finite amount of ammo on the rest, it’s basically a run ender. Can’t pass wall, can’t kill boss.

All right, is not a bug then. However it’s pretty annoying, because in this case I not be able to backtrack the level and kill the boss. Anyway, as you said in this topic, this should be change.

Moving this to the feedback forums as this is not a bug.

i agree. not sure why they have this wall in, it should be a perfectly valid tactic to run away from foes.

it’s possible that they wanted to stop speedrunners from ignoring every mob and making a big run through the levels with specialised builds.

Had this happen in a game where we had a Troll that bugged out. He was just walking in the floor and took no damage so we had to abort the run.

Working as intended. At least until a boss bugs out.

I feel only this 2 bosses have it, because they are way slower than the chaos spawn and the rat ogre. But i strongly think they should be removed

It makes sense for the stormfiend, but as the troll is basically impossible to solo it should prolly be removed for troll. Having team mates die shouldn’t create an unsinkable situation.

However troll should prolly get better at chasing once you get x distance away so you don’t just bypass every troll.

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It’s not a bug when the boss can be killed, but there’s two instances that this feature becomes an issue:

  1. When you’re solo and can’t kill a troll due to the regen
  2. When the boss glitches, gets stuck, falls through the map, fails to appear, etc.

It is related to bugs because sometimes bile trolls/stormfiends become unkillable after getting trapped in some geometry or some sort of desync, I’ve had this happen on multiple maps. Boss just stands there and won’t take damage, can’t kill the boss, and the green fog prevents you from progressing on the map, so you just have to quit and restart.

It has been a month now you haven’t fixed the invincible boss problem, and you need to just remove these green fog walls from the game completely because they exacerbate bugs you seem unable to fix after a month.

I know you guys are working hard, but this really should be a PRIORITY because it is as bad as a hard crash. It totally ends progression on the map and requires a suicide wipe or party disband.

There’s no TECHNICAL reason for the green fog to exist. as I’ve had a boss bug in the 3rd tome room in Into the Nest, and the green fog wall spawned on the little bridge section after the room and we were actually able to jump AROUND the wall at an angle and finish the map. Green fog also only ever presents for TWO of the four boss spawn, rat ogres and chaos spawns don’t add wall, just stormfiend and bile troll. So I can’t think of any rational reason for these walls to exist, and the presence of these game-breaking ‘features’ is why I’ve stopped playing your game.

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i just had a troll bug out on my party after i used the shade ability right after it targetted me. it just stood there stupidly, wouldn’t take damage because its health is gated behind the animations.

couldn’t proceed past the level because of the green fog barrier, too bad. had to quit.

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I absolutely understand what you’re saying, but the OP of this thread did not report a bugged boss - he reported the walls which appear around the boss fight area. This is a feature that has been implemented as a means to stop players from skipping the boss and rushing for the exit. If there’s feedback asking for this wall to be removed because there’s a want for the boss to be skippable, it belongs in feedback and not in bugs.

As for the issue you are describing with bosses getting stuck in these walls and other geometry making them unavailable, that is absolutely a bug and it’s something that I have reported internally. It would help a lot of you could post in the bugs section as well, describing the issues with the bosses getting stuck and providing screenshots and specific locations where it happened if possible.

I hope you can see that these are two seperate issues that have ended up in the same thread. The OP reported walls appearing so that they can’t skip the boss - that isn’t a bug, which is why I’ve put this here. If there’s a bug that needs reporting (such as these bugged bosses, related to the walls or no), a new thread with a different opening post needs to be made.

I’m truly sorry to hear about the issues you’re experiencing with these bugged bosses - any additional information you all can provide on this issue is endlessly helpful to our devs.



I understand your point about bug vs feedback, I’m just adding my thoughts here because the feature is game breaking when combined with a few bugs related to bosses. I’ve posted in bugs forum before about a boss becoming unkillable on into the nest and I recall it happening a few other times on different maps but can’t remember the specics, but admittedly I haven’t experienced it since 1.05 went live though I haven’t been playing as much and I avoid Into the Nest specifically because of all the other problems I’ve experienced with it (including players randomly dying, being drug off map by hookrats, using kruber’s charge and just disappearing off the world at the end after the skycart ride ride on the last tunnel on the way to the bridge, gunrats shooting through walls etc.).

But to get back to the point I quoted: “stop players from skipping the boss” it just doesn’t make any sense. The wall only shows up for Bile Trolls and Stormfiends, not Rat Ogres and Chaos Spawns - I guess you think it is harder to run away from the latter two and skip them, but really I’d just rather you trust the players to play the game how they’d like, and if they want to skip a boss and just speed run, then don’t stop them from doing so. Especially since it sounds like you haven’t fixed or don’t know what is causing bosses to become unkillable sometimes.

On the part in Into the Nest in the big room with the Third Tome, I’ve had bosses become unkillable there a few times and they just get stuck in one place and don’t do anything, but the green fog wall that is supposed to block your path doesn’t even really block your path. Because it spawns on a perpendicular on the bridges after the room and you can literally just jump around it at an angle. It is totally pointless, it doesn’t prevent progression unless you miss the jump and fall to your death.

So I’m suggesting just get rid of the darn fog wall. People who like to do speed runs are just going to restart the map until they get one without a bile troll/stormfiend spawn and speed run right by chaos spawn/rat ogre if they spawn. People just playing a normal game are going to just kill the bosses unless they are a last man standing, in which case it is just weird to block them off from going for revives for 2 bosses when the other two they can push forward and maybe get a revive on their teammates. And in any case it is very, very immersion-breaking to have a magical green wall you can’t bypass (but sometimes you can though)

I understand you may not be able to easily reproduce the bug with bosses becoming unkillable/nonresponsive (I think it may have something to do with minor steam connection or lag issues), but please don’t think I’m making this up just so I can skip the occassional storm fiend. What bothers me here is your philosophy of commitment to this: that you’d rather prevent the risk of us skipping an occasional boss than prevent a run from being ended due to a boss becoming unkillable.

And this attitude seems to extend to other issues with the game as well. It seems like you’d rather us die to gas we can’t see rather than simply disabling gas rats in areas with fog until you work out a way to make gas not be invisible in fog areas. Or simply disabling gun rats in areas where they shoot through walls until you fix the collision in those areas. Or disabling chaos patrols until you fix their pathing/spawning/getting stuck in places.

I’m fine with there being these sorts of bugs here and there, but I’d much rather you just disable the offending portions until you have a fix, because a month into release it seems like you won’t have a fix for them any time soon, and some like the invisible gas are probably related to issues with the Unity engine and you may not be able to fix at all, so just disable the offenders in those areas, you know? I’d much prefer that, because I love the heart of the game but I’m sick to death of runs ending for things outside our control.

In aircraft accident and prevention there is something called “Swiss cheese theory” but this is applicable to many different subjects. Tiny holes here and there usually aren’t a problem on their own, but if you have enough of them they tend to align and make a hole straight through the cheese. Catastrophic accidents usually aren’t due to one major component failure, but instead result from multiple minor faults that made the accident unavoidable, but if you had managed to patch up just a few simple fixes there wouldn’t have been a problem. SOME sort of problem like this tends to happen every few rounds or so, and it makes me ask why bother. I’ve got about 100 friends on my list and only a handful still log on v2 each day so I’m sure I’m not the only one frustrated by this.

The game isn’t lessened for me in any way if you remove fog walls or remove Chaos Patrols. But stuff like dying to gunnrats shooting through walls because we dont have Pyro/Waystalker ruins my experience. I’ve even stopped bothering with Legend completely because my last Legend run we got Festering Ground and in the tunnels near the middle of the map there was a Chaos patrol that got split up and would have a single Chaos warrior standing in our way making it impossible to advance without agroing the whole thing, and we had to fight two hordes before the patrol finally got its act together and moved on. Had a similar situation to that on the match prior in Legend Skittergate before the Miniboss where again the Chaos Patrol just got split up somehow so we got stuck behind it and had to fight multiple hordes before we could advance. I guess we should be thankful that we at least heard this one and could see it in the distance and try to avoid it, but nevertheless it was the proverbial straw and I’m just staying away from Legend until something is done about it.

I’m not asking for an easier game, mind you. I’m just saying that your intention is for us to have to avoid chaos patrols on Legend, and they’re supposed to probably wipe us if we mistakenly agro them. But it is very rare to play legend and not agro them due to whatever bug, so to play legend at all we have to build our comp expecting to have to fight a chaos patrol. So instead we just don’t play legend, not because we aren’t good enough for legend, but we don’t want to build/play around expecting having to fight one because there is rarely a way to not agro them. Like I love Into the Nest but avoid it because there’s just too many ways to wipe to bugs.

I want to play legend, but I don’t see you fixing patrols anytime soon, so my suggestion is just disable them, add more Chaos Warriors to ambient or to hordes instead to increase the difficulty a bit instead. But the dev attitude of keeping stuff in the game that still doesn’t work right a month into release with DLC around the corner is driving me away. If you have real fixes for this stuff coming next week or so please ignore this, but otherwise, just suck it up and disable that stuff for now.

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Is it, though? Because here you are, bashing the game and the devs yet again, every reply I see you make in any thread you have to mention how you’ve stopped playing and don’t recommend the game, even made your own thread for it. Good grief give it a rest already, we get it.

Fatshark has a pretty clear track record of games being buggy on release and patching / polishing them based on player feedback (which I am happy with). If that doesn’t work for you, no one is stopping you from leaving and coming back in six months.

Also, as a software developer, I can tell you that the “simple changes” you want them to make (disable patrols and increase CW otherwise, disable gasrats in fog, etc) are not as simple as you would like to imagine. They require just as much work and testing as any other patch to make sure they don’t cause issues and it would be a waste of dev time and resources. Chill out and be patient, they’ll fix the issues.


Unless your concern is with pure speedruns, I don’t think it’s a much needed feature. Moving away from a boss requires good coordination and teamwork, even more than just killing it, expecially if there’s a horde or something else thrown into the mix. It’s something I’ve been able to do only a few times (horn of magnus elevator, and the boss spawning at the end of empire in flames).

Also, as far as features go, it’s a bit lame. I’m ok-ish with stormfiend’s, because it almost looks as something organic, something the actual boss may have done. But even if it’s something you wish to keep in your game it looks more like a placeholder than the polished, final feature.

I don’t like anything that limits gameplay, but I have never heard of someone skipping the scipted stormfiend at the farm (you can skip those) so I don’t think it’s even needed. I may be wrong

there have been videos of people soloing legend by speedrunning with no bots alone with power 5 weapons, so yea, it’s kinda an issue if people can just bypass all content and get the loot rofl

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I feel like the walls are necessary but their location is poor. Using a character with a low cooldown dash it is actually crazy easy for an unskilled player to bypass everything in a solo run and get easy wins(cough totally isn’t how i got elf a bunch of levels during beta cough) However I feel the positioning is horrific. Skipping the boss to go resurrect allies takes a level of risk and should not be prohibited. The walls should be placed at the end of the level not scattered within it.

As a totally separate suggestion to the second topic existing in this post: a possible TEMPORARY fix to boss bugs+wall ending runs each map would have an area around the player ( or at the end of the run if the above suggestion was implemented?) that the boss jumps to if it hasn’t taken damage for a considerable amount of time so that it isn’t completely removed from the game and you can then finish your run

The problem is when you can’t get back to the boss. I had to rescue another player and he was located down the hole; jumping down to rescue him resulted in being unable to return to where the boss was.

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