Boss HP/Damage?

I feel like the Bosses are stupidly broken now… Every boss fight I’ve come across on release has been a wipe. Headshots do like 3% damage now

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Regular bosses will target only a single person at a given time. They will switch targets mostly based on whomever is doing most damage.

Target runs/blocks/dodges while the rest beats it. Few attacks will damage through blocks.
Very easy. A boss by himself is worthless.

There’s better/faster ways to do it though.

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we just shoot the sh*t out of them in every game and they’re a non issue unless a horde and specials spawn.

I guess with the god awful ranged ammo nerf it makes it hard as all get out because I run out of ammo before the boss is even half damaged.

Don’t use ammo on the boss, save it for the specials.

As of my experience weapons are generally ineffective against bosses unless you can get some buffs or consistently headshot.

Sometimes it feels like no one really is doing any damage to the boss. It’s really hard if no one is having weapons good at that.

Think BH, Shade, Zealot, Slayer, etc.

On recruit I’m pretty much always getting a horde or specials or both on every boss spawn.

Once the boss is dead, there is not really a lot of specials left until you run to the portal.

I playing mostly Bounty Hunter since launch due to team composition, and the boss is always on me (Which help us to not wipe since im pretty much getting used to dodging and blocking) due to my higher damage.

I would rather have a more dangerous boss that is not a bullet sponge than what we have now. Even before when people are exploding them, you just had to make the change for a boss to always come together with specials and a horde, that would make them challenging to burst. instead of just “you cant burst a boss now haha”

The boss of the act 1 (i believe) is hard tough. still didnt get that fight.

I mean bosses randomly pop up. I just played one last night with a good group and we had a Stormfiend, Troll and a Rat Ogre in a single map. Absolute nonsense to have to struggle through that for a recruit mission.

Bosses are not really meant to be a challenge in and of themselves once you’ve learned how to play. They are speed bumps, attrition, and super dangerous in combo with specials or hordes. But even then bosses hit hordes too so you can use that against them sometimes.

I think that at lower power levels the bosses are taking so long that the director is punishing us for not moving on faster. That’s my guess as to why we’ll get a troll to half and then in comes a swarm, a leech, and an assassin.

I have been slowly unlocking the maps on Recruit to enjoy the new maps and it feels like the (mini)bosses have at least twice as much hit points as they should have imo. The bots are pretty much immortal wearing my gear, yet the time it takes…

I can only imagine that the corpses of new players must be flying left and right fighting these sponges while wiping and building up endless frustration. Someone overdid it - at least for this introductory difficulty.

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