Enemy attack-tracking makes telegraphs useless

The game mechanics of making an enemy attacks target a player instead of a point in space completely invalidates the inclusion of telegraphs in the game itself.

If I see a crusher charging an attack and I dodge behind him he should not just turn 180 degrees and throw the hammer on my head.
If a mutant charges at me and I go in a corridor to avoid him, he shouldn’t defy inertia to just do a 90 degrees turn and catch me anyway.
If a dog jumps and I move away he should not change his trajectory mid-air to compensate my movement.

This is the root cause of all the silliness of watching an enemy prepare an attack while looking in a direction to then just immediately turn to you the moment it has to land.

At this point enemies might as well all just be spheres with no animations because the only way to avoid them is a timed dodge based on sound cues, no other form of gameplay is working on them.


I 100% agree.

Game just needs active and inactive hitboxes. Allow tracking to a realistic degree, like pivoting a torso to connect etc.

Monster Hunter did this right.

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Just had a sniper keep tracking after the fire noise played, so the shot tracked into me after he had fired. I’m seeing more and more random specialist jank too, like bombers throwing out of closed spawn doors.


This is also true for simple trash mobs: it does not matter that you run away when they wind up their attacks, they just teleport to you to get the hit in.
The only way to avoid it is to use a dodge.


you’re dodging too soon. there’s a point in the animation when the attack is “locked in” and you can juke it, but if you dodge before that they track you. most people just dodge as soon as they see the attack coming which leads to getting hit.

That’s the issue: the animation means nothing.

I know I have to wait, but it makes the whole concept of looking at my enemies pointless.


There’s nothing more infuriating then playing as zealot zipping across the room running literally faster then the hound then being hit by a warp demigods poxwalkers teleporting to your location to connect the hit.


I believe otherwise they won’t be able to hit anything.

Just like during that Mutant patch where it couldn’t catch anyone unless you stayed still (probably OP didn’t witness it).

The mutant seems to have a too small hitbox in there, but the fact that once he start running he just goes straight is correct, the fact that if you’re walking out of his trajectory it should not hit you is correct.

This isnt what he is talking about, this just makes it more laughable.
Mutant not being able to grab you while it almost literally runs through you IS bad. → they should be dangerous in long hallways where there is no room to dodge.
However same mutant doing easy 90+ degree insta turns to grab someone behind 5 walls and 3 rooms away IS also bad and laughable.

It is what it is, pick one.

Unless you’re still naive that Fatshark can do better.

Yes. There is an element of this that is absolutely weirdly constructed and can feel very strange at times.

No. Muties and their preternatural turn radius are based and funcrazy.

Actually this is how attacks actually work. Someone who is winding up an attack shouldn’t just fail to compensate for your poorly timed dodge, just because you moved. The attack should be dodged when it is in flight, which is when the user cannot move it.

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Yet if I dodge back, a 100 ton crusher just slides on the ground so that his hammer falls on my head.

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Gumption issue.
They actually do step towards you and you can actually just move out of range. They only tween to you if you’re within range. I have done hundreds of 1v4 crusher fights and i know them well. The worst offender is actually enemies behind crushers including crushers being able to hit you through them.

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You can call it “step”, there’s no step that covers that much ground.

Lunges are a thing in fencing and they go a lot farther than people think.

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Oh, now ogryns with a maul made of a piece of wall are fencer.


Never backdodge maulers and crushers, you need to slide-dodge back or just simply dodge to the side. If you think this is bad, you should see chaos warriors tracking back dodges lol.

This all sounds like lag issues to me.