Chaos warrior uppercuts are unreliable

Seriously. I think it’s the worst thing in the game right now.
Every close-quarters interaction with their uppercut feels like a coinflip on whether you get hit or not, regardless of the direction you dodge to.
It’s a poorly telegraphed high-damage launching attack with immense stagger resistance and has a deceptively long and wide range of where it can hit you.

Two examples (at 73 fov)


I agree on the range part, it seems like it hits futher then it should


Every close-quarters interaction with their uppercut feels like a coinflip on whether you get hit or not, regardless of the direction you dodge to

Don’t try to dodge, block it.
Also do you know if the host had a good cpu or not? A stressed cpu affects how enemies act very badly(making them dumb, sliding around, spin, etc) I’m asking this since I never have problems with dodging those attacks unless ping is high or host cpu is stressed

I can’t tell too much how it looks since it’s just a screenshot anyways, so I could be wrong
My fov is also at 85 so that doesn’t really matter if that’s why you were listing yours

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In both games I had an average ping of around 66-78 and I know that the host in the first picture example shouldn’t have any problems regarding their CPU.

in my experience it’s easiest to dodge if you sorta hug the CW and dodge towards their sides

as far as I can tell the hitbox is kinda like a cone projecting outwards from their body. Pretty in keeping with the theme of hitboxes and tracking being janky and oftentimes obnoxious in this game tbh

Why does it do so much damage for a quick swipe with insane stagger resistance? Damage doesn’t match the animation at all.


Do you mean the diagonal swing from below to the top?

Well, if I have understood well, you are totally right. That attack is just bullsh*t.

It’s super fast, almost unpredictable, it can’t be staggered by nothing (apart ults)… I mean, it’s considered a kind of instant “push move” (like chaos warriors’ kick or punch)… but it deals tons of damage too.


It is a tricky attack that has also the tendency to ignore IB and Zealot’s passives for some reason.
All I can advice: learn to predict it, also block while dodging and try to be kinda near the CW and dodge left/right.
One of those attacks in the game that will hit even the most experienced and good reflexes players, nothing you can do not getting hit by it 100% of the time. Also I think it can’t be interrupted with shield attacks/pushes with opportunist even.

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It can’t, in fact I don’t think it’s even possible to hit that stagger breakpoint at all. It has significantly more stagger resistance even than the overhead…

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So basically more reasons for this attack to down people.

Yep, from memory it also has a tendency to quickly double hit which is why it can ignore Zealot and IB passives. All round it’s a bit of a BS move if we’re being honest.


You see this attack come out after you’ve chain-staggered the Chaos Warrior in question and it got bored of it. I’m being serious. Go into modded, spawn some CWs and see what happens if you knock one of them in the head a bit too many times too quickly with something like the Billhook.


Exactly. This is basically the Chaos Warrior’s way of expressing annoyance at players staggering them, like how other elites will push you, except this one does damage but can be blocked. I rarely if ever see it happen if I maintain distance at my melee weapon’s max range. Of course, in close quarters situations CWs will press up against a player and do this attack, which is part of what makes them a threat in a small enclosed space. CWs will also randomly walk up to players in open areas as well, but so long as one maintains distance it’s fine.

Now I will say that this is more punishing towards certain weapons like the 2h Hammer than fast ones that block cancel super quickly like the Rapier, but I’m not sure if much can be done about that without making Chaos Warriors weaker.

It’s not possible to stagger them out of it except with ults/bombs/Billhook hook. Max stagger shield bash can’t do it on Recruit.


I’m not completely sure, but I think this attack is triggered by standing too close to the CW, like when enemies push you. So there’s an incentive to keep optimal distance when fighting them.

Like other people have said: Dodging this attack is very difficult, so blocking is better. But when you fight density and a CW in it, this move is indeed horribly dangerous. I also experienced the thing other people described where it just goes through your Gromril Armor, or sometimes even block.

I’d definitely support a tweak to this attack in its damage / knockback / wonkyness vs. talents department. I’m not 100% sure I’d want it completely removed from the game, however, because I think it’s a good thing CWs are a dangerous foe, instead of only a damage sponge.


Yeah. Plus some times it happens right after a kick or punch resulting in insta down state

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Assuming the double hit thing is true that could be removed for one. Does anyone know how much damage the move actually does? I swear I’ve had nearly my entire health bar knocked off by it in the past (as a ranged career with no DR), but I may be misremembering.


Of course, if it gets changed I’d be favor of simply reducing it’s range in length and width because it’s deceptively large. Outright removing the attack would suck.

Does anyone know how much damage the move actually does?

Deals 100 damage on legend and 120 on cata.


Ok yeah that definitely seems a bit much for a very quick attack that is more akin to other elites’ pushes than an actual attack.


Their overheads have screwed up hitboxes too (combined with long distance sliding) but at least they’re perfectly telegraphed. When Chaos Warriors stack up, it’s often impossible to see this attack coming. Probably the single elite attack that killed me the most in this game.


Just tested and the uppercut seems to come out after about 45-48 frames which is a few frames quicker than the charged attack for some two-handed weapons even with +10% speed (which are weapons that you can’t block cancel with and would include even more weapons without +10% spd).
So this attack that’s hard to react to also reinforces quick weapon choices more than other attacks.

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