Rubber Band Bad Guys

Issue: Enemies landing solid hits from 2 to 3 times their body length away.

So I’ve seen this a number of times now. I have pretty decent speeds net wise so I don’t believe it’s an issue on my end. Basically my biggest concerns are how some NPCS appear to rubber band towards players during attack animations. They unrealistically close in on players and land solid hits. The speed at which they close is pretty ridiculous in my opinion and seems to be very unnatural. Enemies that usually rubber band the most are smaller rats and Large Chaos Warriors, plated and non-plated.

In many ways these NPC’s will “Slide” in to attack while successfully landing a hit even though you typically have a very healthy distance between you and your opponent.

Suggestion: Perhaps reducing / limiting enemy attack ranges could help compensate for rubber banding “especially if this is a network issues somewhere…” NOT terribly dramatically of course, but just enough to compensate for the extra distance enemies seem to be able to capitalize on.


Try turning your FoV down a smidge, I’m assuming its over a 100.

After tuning it down to 95 I stopped getting hit from miles away, especially by the chaos marauders

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Same experience here. Especially the dual axes berserkers.

The PC’s hitbox took forever for me to get used to, but I do agree that the ice-skating enemies can get obnoxious sometimes when they are effortlessly gliding past each other or even sideways to get a hit in, enemies should probably be forced to stop moving at some point during their attack animations.

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I agree the gliding is getting obnoxious, I hoped they’d fix it but especially with chaos warriors it makes them completely unreadable since you have no idea where the animation is going to stop at times. Combine this with the fact that sometimes enemies will turn towards you (for some odd reason) after their swing is already going down, causing them to still hit your block (and if you’re not attentive, healthpool).

It’s been a running joke between me and some friends that they should just give the chaos warriors rollerskates this Christmas.


YEAH like I’m forced to remain blocking despite dodging to the side because I don’t know if the knight/mauler will follow me or not, really inconsistent.

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Here’s documentation of it from a third person perspective:

Notice that the two highlighted Chaos Warriors use exactly the same attack, exactly the same animation, only one of them stays put and the other one gets about 10 feet of distance out of his strike, curling around a doorway as a bonus.

I can also link you to more documentation of this on my personal youtube channel from a completely unmodified FOV.

FOV has nothing to do with this.

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FOV can cause it but it sounds like you got that covered already. I’m hopeful that dedicated servers will fix this issue… I’ve got good net speed as well but depending on what host I join sometimes it is really, really bad.

this seemed to be way better after the 1.0.5 patch. just my imagination?

I think this also has something to do with the dodge timers. As in, if you don’t dodge at the right time during an attack, it won’t correctly “break” the attack, thus allowing the enemy to stick to you so the attack can land. I think this is just a result of lazy coding with not enough testing, and is something that should be looked at. For now, my advice is to time it the best you can and dodge sideways instead of backwards if possible.


Think its the same as in v1, dodge sideways for overhead attacks and positioning wont matter, the animation will miss. If you dont dodge they have an aimbot and the animation follows the player. Dont get me wrong, i get hit from time to time from marauders when i should be out of reach, the locked-on attack animation seems to have an extremely high range if not broken by a dodge sidestep.

I feel like this issue has only gotten worse since the latest patch. Marauders and Plague Monks are now completely unbashable and will “Latch on you” During attack cycles. These things are pretty much impossible to kill if your stuck trying to block and weave on your own. It’s more of an issue on legendary as everyone would obviously be tied up with some other special or collective group of baddies. It makes the harder difficulties nearly unbearable. especially after you dump 30 minutes into a run only to die due to bugs impacting the quality of the game. These sliding, unwavering rats / unclothed men on “skates” need to be fixed ASAP, It’s really killing the fun of the game IMO. The Enemy Targeting really needs to be polished over.

Plague Monks and Berserkers have a distinct attack animation for each attack, and you can break each one of them. I dont think its the same problematic as with mainly marauders and sometimes CW, or I simply didnt have bad luck yet. I can successfully break the chain of zerkers and monks with sidesteps for the first few attacks and backsteps for their last hit of the chain, so they actually feel kinda fair to me at least.

That really isn’t true at all. Once they get going they don’t stop. I’ve even seen some that have been knocked down get right back up while stilling swinging. It looks really bizarre as well. Basically the NPC just keeps swinging and will magically “float” back up to a attacking position. It’s pretty bad and I hate to see it.

I was looking through the forums to see if people have mentioned it, so I’ll give my 2 cents here instead of making a new thread.

The lock on by enemies is my main concern right now with melee combat. As someone who likes going light attacks, Damage over time and dodge, it really is an issue for me to stay alive without 20% extra dodge as shade or handmaiden. Even then the enemies lock onto me and manage to shred me.
Adding more dodge might be a temporary fix, but then again it might have some undesired aftereffects. Adding a limit to their attack range which resemble their reach would be the best choice. Like what happened with the boss in “Into the Nest”.

Please do this, as fighting hordes and patrols is just tedious without full CC or dodge.

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