Berserkers/monks - feedback

berserkers and monks now change aggro at any time, without any notable clue. During their attack chain they as well, no matter that the monks’ fast slashing isn’t ended, they can slash at almost every direction now, killing the one, who want to help the aggroed teammate or multiple low hp players. yes, they are a threat, but c’mon

[quote=“Fatshark_Hedge, post:1, topic:37165”]
Fixed an issue where enemies using the combo attack (Plague Monk etc) wouldn’t face their target.
[/quote] - now they face their target, but they turn their heads too often if you know what i mean.

they are still lacking backstab sounds for me and other friends as well a lot of times.

Rubberbanding is a thing that chaos berserkers have a long time, i dont know why. leeches teleport, because they just poof teleported, but berserkers why rubberband? they jump into the air to reach the player, it is ok, but why are they skating and teleporting back to the place where they began the sliding attack? to hosts and clients as well.

3 berserkers aggroed on me during revving an ally, killing me, then instantly began to hit the ally within his “wake-up” animation making the ally dead again before being able to interact a thing (he died during the animation when you cannot use block, or attack). I heard on the headset my friend was clicking the mouse, he said that he just couldnt do a single block, not because they broke the stamina, instead of there was no block to use.

how they pick their target? many times they have no visual on me, another player was ahead of me, he engages the berserker, but it ignores the player, and goes for those who cannot even see them. Strange behaviour. or is this the exact case of the “casting-though-the-wall-blighstormers”, who can see through the micro holes of the overlayed wall to aim their vortexes? if so, you should change the berserker type to special enemy, because they are just special in any way. noticed, if a player killed the most specials and elites almost sure that player gets aggro all the time. I can imagine that the ai count the damage dealt, kills during game and wants to eliminate the player who has the biggest impact on the match. When i play BH, usually all the assassins on me, leeches always teleport for my back, stormers cast the vortex on me, it is my back where the Ai spawns the charging animation mauler (no, FS devs, they are still exists).

I think this berserkes behaviour is another stuff what needs to be adressed, they used to attack one person until they whole attack animation is ended, then changed aggro if they wanted to. players could help an ally. Berserkers are like maniacs who want to kill. they acted like that, they did not leave a player alone until they killed it, or they had beed killed. they should not be able to kill a player during the animation of a reviving.

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plague monks still hit me after their combo attacks while they are in their “rest” period and its hard to judge when to hit them. imho berserkers are easier to fight than plague monks. agree they change aggro too fast with no warning.

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