Berserkers need an indicator when they're targeting the player

Plague monks and Berserkers can be incredibly frustrating to fight, often because one or two might be locked on to your friend so you walk over to help and instantly lose half your health because it was on you the entire time, just walking and swinging in the other direction.

I feel a berserker on you should have a visible indicator that they’re going to wreck you if you get close that is not there when they are not targeting you. Normally you would just try to infer from the animations but often times they will happily walk backwards while attacking forwards, move in complete opposite directions, or do other incredibly unreliable and conflicting behaviour that muddies your overall assessment of what they are doing. Coupled with the fact that they hit so incredibly hard, it means an incorrect read of that particular enemy is devastating and very unfun.

As such I think when a zerker is attacking you it should add some sort of indicator, say a dark aura to the edge of your screen, or something more subtle like trailing glowing eyes of that specific unit. This effect would then go away once he is no longer locked on to you.


Normally ranged it the best way to dispatch them. You can throw a dodge in as you approach to be on the safe side if you insist on melee.

I wouldn’t like any more effects on the screen, their are already enough… I think their pathing just needs to be fixed and there wouldn’t be any issues. They regularly start attacking well before they get into your range and continue the combo into the running-jump-matrix-mid-air target switch for half your HP.


I would like berserkers to have a distinct scream or shout like plaguemonks that consistently plays, far too often what I hear first when berserkers come from your flank or climb up on your side alongside other chaos enemies(marauders who they look very similar to on first glance or in the heat of the moment, especially when they’ve not built up momentum for a charge), is the swinging of their axes.

And let me tell ya, it doesn’t feel very fair.


its almost as if more than CWs should be calling you out when they attack you.


I find it more annoying that your comrades yell “Block their blows!”

I figured that out when I got clobbered for half my health you bloody idiot!


Yes, I agree there should be a better indicator that you’ve been targetted. I had long thought a sort of yellow flash - like a damage indicator, just not red. The “proper” way to deal with them just isn’t doable if there’s a lot else going on; if players are clumped together due to a horde or a stampede of ambients, then you should be just blocking to wait and see who they’re targetting - but that takes away all of your momentum against everything else. Splitting up to see who they chase is not only detrimental but not even reliable since they can move a bit wonky. I think some kind of minor visual indicator would be the easiest way to implement a notification system - or a specific sound effect, just a particular line of gibberish that only their target hears, much like the backstab sound or boss aggro sound (though to be honest, I’ve never been able to pick out the boss aggro sound, it’s so subtle).

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I think JLB has got it, do the same thing CWs do. “Your next elf”, “I’m coming for you hunter”, etc. Distinct call outs for each class so you know you’re being targeted. Either that or at least give us a roar or something. The plague monks at least do a scream.


Except they usually start their scream just as they’re about to shred you or after they have hit you.

I had an instance of this last night with the Chaos Savages on Warcamp.
Fighting horde w/some Maulers and CW or two dragged in.
Before I knew it I was insta downed from 4 Savages that aggro’d me.
It was my fault for not noticing them(visually) while they were intermixed with the Chaos horde.
I guess my point is, sometimes its quite difficult to pick them out.


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