Power VS Berserkers

This is a completely useless stat. They are an unarmored elite, that while it hits fast, doesn’t hit as hard as their armored equivalents and are so laughably easy to kill it’s not even funny. Could we please have this removed as it does nothing but waste the rather coveted green dust any time it shows up.


I’ve tried making use of it since berserkers can be a bag of disck on leg.

Still … infantry / skaven / monster / chaos always outperforms, it’s just much more versatile.

I’d love to see another stat take its place.

Stop playing on veteran?

A single berserker hit during their flurry takes off more than half of your health on legend.

I play champ/leg almost exclusively any more, they die in one handgun shot, just like storm vermin, and they are much more “I AM HERE” with their engagement sounds than other elites are so they aren’t really a problem. They also are 100% staggered (like everything) with fire staff attacks too so…yeah

Nice try with the ‘yer just playin’ easy mode’ type deflect though.

Berzerkers, like bosses, are quite uncommon, but they are also very vulnerable as it is.
There’s little reason to go for +berzerkers when you can have much broader groups such as Chaos, Vermin and Infantry.

They could add something like +10-20% power to cleave/stagger.

I had an idea to make modifiers like +boss and +zerkers to go to like 15-20 percent considering how rare this enemy types are. Ofc this needs some math crunching, just a thought.

Does bonus damage to berserker also count for plague monks?


Honestly the “Damage against Berzekers” stats should just be turned into “Damage against Elites” which could possibly include CW, but would be fine even if it’s just Stormvermin, Zerkers and Maulers. It would actually be a worthwhile stat to use then.

Damage against Monsters should become “Damage against Large Targets” and include CW.

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Damage against Monsters also includes Hook Rats, as they have ‘monster armor’ in the code, it’s why they are so damnedably resilient to ranged attacks

It would be far superior than bonus vs armor and probably better than every other bonus.
Unless smaller ratio like 5%.

Bonus vs Armor works vs Stormvermin, Ratling Gunners, Warpfire Throwers. It should probably work vs Chaos Warriors, Spinemanglr and Bodvar, which makes it a fairly solid option overall. The idea is that players chose what they want to be best at. Currently + Chaos and + Skaven are no brainers as together they cover everything in the game. Infantry and Armored are then the preferred choices (if you’re going for power vs bonuses and not something else) since they cover what you’ll most commonly encounter. The issue with Zerker and Monster is you might go entire maps without ever needing either, while the other two you KNOW you’ll get value from. So balance wise, this isn’t even a choice. That’s why broadening the coverage of both of these is the right move. There is at least a choice to be made vs +10% vs Stormvermin, Armored Specials (and CW by now, I hope) or vs Elites alone.

But they don’t on legend. A handgun will only one-shot them with headshots/crits or if you have massively stacked your +power vs them (and which you would only be able to do vs one of them, not both).

crits/crit power and pwr vs skaven/chaos on one of my ‘trinket’ items. Also, aimed shots on handguns (aka, one shot rifles) got massively powered up, and pwr vs 2 enemies in the game (monks/axe enthusiasts) is so overly specific to make it useless. The only time they give me any trouble is if the game is derping and they walk out of a wall or something

I don’t disagree that the power vs zerks is too niché, merely disbuting that the handgun oneshots them.
From having used it, it doesn’t. Using the weapon stat table, you do 38.25. Monks have 52, zerks 54hp. The patch allowed it to oneshot chaos zerks with a crit/headshot without requiring +power.

when I’m running gunny I usually go all out for it and huntsman, so all about crit/critpower, so it could just be how it feels cause of how often I crit, and how the new ‘aim down’ power up on them works.

I do agree that power vs Berserker is kinda useless, but I think it should just work differently.
Power vs Chaos + Skaven are good together, but never seen them together but on the Charm (and I think it’s wanted, rolling these two on melee, ranged and charm would give you permanent 20% power increase, so you’ll be at 720 hero power, without any other buffs)
Power vs Armored + Infantry is also good for almost overall damage
Power vs Monsters works great for boss melter like Shade, or to help weapon with low damage against them (I run sword&shield + repeater on kruber, the power vs monster on the repeater feels nice)

Power vs Berserker got no places tho, cause there isn’t any career focused on dealing with those, and there shouldn’t be one. It could be removed, but we would lose some kind of symetry…
I can’t bring any decent solution here, but I’m convinced we shouldn’t touch the other 3…

Agreed, the way the game performs, where elites are a big part og the ‘‘harder’’ difficulties. That would just be far too good a stat, compared to how easy infantry is to deal with.

Even with the increased crit chance after a headshot, your chance never reaches 50% (crit-power is kinda irelevant, since you one-shot them without if it’s a crit anyway). Aiming down also doesn’t improve how it deals with them. Really, i’d just guess you are more used to champion with it, where the handgun indeed does one-shot them.

I’d really disagree, power vs monsters is something you’d throw on your weapon if there are no other useful breakpoints you can hit, as the only one where you potentially could hit any is the hookrat. Armored is also very debatable in it’s utility, as CW have much softer breakpoints and as such you are really only helping your ability to deal with the 3 armored skaven units significantly, at which point +skaven is straight up better.
Infantry is fairly strong though and a contender for one of the better ones, as it not only includes all basic enemies (clan rats, fanatics, marauders, slaves), but also maulers and half the specials (globes, sorcs, leech, gutters), giving you a power boost vs half the roster (and almost everything you could hit a breakpoint on), similar to skaven/chaos.

Really imo, the other power boosts should also affect 1/2 of the enemies there are.

Monster armor isn’t their main defense, they aren’t uncommonly resilient - they just have a crap ton of HP

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