Suggestion for Improving Pwr Properties

Most people would agree that Pwr vs. Berserkers is pretty much useless. Firstly, because you have a more specific property (only affects two enemies) and secondly, it can only go up to a max. of 10 percent so there is no incentive. I would suggest that the more specific properties have a higher max. It is logical. For example, Maybe Pwr vs infantry/Skaven/Chaos can remain at 10 percent but Armor/Monsters could be 15 percent and Berserkers could be 20 percent. This could be applied to other properties as well. 10 percent reduction for area damage is basically useless since you cannot stack it with anything else and it is very specific. But if you made it maybe 20 or 30 percent vs area dmg it might be worth using. Then the more broad ones such as reduc in chaos/skaven dmg could remain 10 percent.

To be honest, a lot of properties/traits should be revisited to re-evaluate their usefulness. The game is not as fun when there are only a handful of traits and properties that are worth using. For example, heroic intervention and inspirational shot (the one that gives stamina on headshot) and barkskin are mostly useless right now compared to the better alternatives. Maybe make them better so that they are worth using. It makes the game more interesting when you have more choices and strategic choices. On necklaces, only stamina and health are worth using most of the time. Dmg reduction isn’t stackable and 10 percent isn’t a lot so it usually is not worth using. Maybe increasing the values on dmg reduction (like I said above) would make them worth using.

Anyhow, I am not going to go through every property/trait that I think needs to be adjusted. You get the idea.


P.S. - I do not mean to start a debate on which properites/traits are worth using. Just making a suggestion to FS. Will not respond to any replies.


you are right on this. Power vs berzerker for 10 percent is just silly. I think the damage reduction traits are too low too.

I still haven’t tested heroic intervention. What does it do?