Weak/Worthless Properties Rework

I’m talking about respawn speed, damage reduction vs X and block/push angle. Most of these are weak or in respawn speeds case, worthless.

Here’s a simple rework that would make them more competitive with the more popular properties, like the mandatory health and curse resistant properties (which may as well be built-in at this point). Also when i talk property numbers, i’m talking about the maximum number.

Damage reduction vs chaos/skaven: to keep it simple, just merge these into 1 property called damage resistance. Reduces all damage by 10%. Splitting these always felt unnecessary compared to the power vs X version.

Damage reduction vs area damage: For this one, i’d change it to a 30% damage reduction vs area/ranged (fire, gas, blightstorms, grenades, ranged attacks etc). So basically anything that isn’t a melee attack would be reduced by quite a decent amount.

Block/push angle: For this one, i’d simple add push force onto this, the 30% increase would stay the same.

Respawn Speed: Reminds me of the old “when your team dies, you get 50% damage reduction” talents. Which is quite a bad thing to have, since it effectively does nothing unless you die. Either merge this with a pre-existing property like revive speed or replace it with something useful.

So yeah, that’s my reworked weak properties list, feel free to post your own list or discuss mine and remember to like and subscroob.


merge all dmg reduction into 1

merge block cost and push angle into1

merge faster respawn with movment speed and rescue downed player faster into 1


Dmg reduction against certain factions will always be useless in the current state of the game, unless it gives a huge amount of dmg reduction for 1 property slot + against all factions, which will then turn it into a must pick. so yea i don’t really see a solution, i’d much rather they remove it or replace with something new.

I mean this is a bit the same explanation as the previous one, 30% is a bit better, but it’s against dodgeable attacks and very situational ones, so yea.

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Which is still worth less than 20 % more health. The solution to these talents is as simple as unloved by the community. The +20 % health trait has to be removed and the damage reduction versus factions+ has to be increased in accordance to how much damage they do and how often they appear. In this way there is a choice as to what the player perceive’s as the larger threat and can reduce risk fighting it. But he will never be able to get a generalist trait good against everything.

I will just copy the answer from the last time the topic arose:

So all in all the damage reduction traits are uninteresting against the currently near certain pick of health increase. With this in mind I would like to make an unpopular suggestion:

  • Remove the health increase trait completely as it is “too powerful”
  • Increase the damage reduction properties versus specific stuff with the baseline of 20 % health increase in mind meaning the more specific the reduction the higher it should be, for example
    • 40 % Damage reduction against Skaven
    • 30 % Damage reduction against Chaos
    • 50 % Damage reduction against Specials (not elites though)

While these numbers appear very high in the first moment, you should consider that they have to buffer the loss of the 20 % health increase. So if you get equal damage from Chaos and Skaven you will get in “average” 20 % less damage leading to a similar effect. However, the system is more customizable and let’s you chose traits concerning your weak points. For example if you have no troubles with hordes but with Specials you get a bonus by this model. It makes for more interesting choices. But the system only works if you take the better choice away. I have doubts the community would like this. Plus the question how to fare with existing necklaces already.

Could making push/block angle also effect push radius (essentially that’s the depth of the push afaik) work? I think push strength would be too strong on some weapons.

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I agree, but I’d go a step further with the current multiplicative DR in mind. Haven’t mathed this out properly, but what if it were 10% DR additive after all other DR calculations. Thinking that might give it some chance to compete with 20% health for high DR careers. Though that may well still end up not being competitive.

Edit: After doing some quick effective health math, it would need to be boosted to about 15% DR additive to realistically ever be competitive with 20% health, and even then only on high DR classes. If anyone can number check that I’d appreciate it, but pretty sure that number is fairly accurate.


the problem with this is that the faction based DRs also apply to their respective specials and elites. Also chaos (which includes beastmen) would end up being the obvious property of choice. Barkskin also already deals with the damage you take from specials.

Shouldn’t be much of a problem for the race damage reduction. While Chaos seems they obvious choice for horde and elite enemies, the specials are more difficult and hurting more for Skaven. And without 20 % health a SV Overhead hurts as well. If really mean, they could separate between Skaven/Norsca/Beastmen.

There might some issues with the specials damage reduction if applied together with race. This needs just some playing around to find suitable values and solutions. But the “damage reduction versus everything” aka 20 % more health has to go to create choice.

I agree with everything except for the push block angle. Works with specific builds in Cata+

I would 100% work that property into a number of builds if that was how it worked. It’s not bad as is, but I reckon that change would give it the edge it needs to have a stronger niche.

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Honestly i would just remove the dmg reduction VS, properties, and respawn speed.

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