Which properties/traits would you like to see?

So if there were a big overhaul of existing properties and traits. What would you remove ? And what would you add in order to get more builds variety that the current existing system.

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Hm, for traits we had a recent thread. So for the start I will copy what I answered there concerning the necklace:

So all in all the damage reduction traits are uninteresting against the currently near certain pick of health increase (I think only on Unchained I haven’t chosen it). With this in mind I would like to make an unpopular suggestion:

  • Remove the health increase trait completely as it is “too powerful”

  • Increase the damage reduction properties versus specific stuff with the baseline of 20 % health increase in mind meaning the more specific the reduction the higher it should be, for example

    • 40 % Damage reduction against Skaven
    • 30 % Damage reduction against Chaos
    • 50 % Damage reduction against Specials (not elites though)

While these numbers appear very high in the first moment, you should consider that they have to buffer the loss of the 20 % health increase. So if you get equal damage from Chaos and Skaven you will get in “average” 20 % less damage leading to a similar effect. However, the system is more customizable and let’s you chose traits concerning your weak points. For example if you have no troubles with hordes but with Specials you get a bonus by this model. It makes for more interesting choices. But the system only works if you take the better choice away. I have doubts the community would like this. Plus the question how to fare with existing necklaces already.

For the other stuff I would have to invest some more time to think about it and first check what goes anyway. Just one thing in advance (which is another unpopular opinion):
For the melee properties Swift Slaying synergizes too well with crit builds. It increases your weapon speed, regenerating your ult in the while, increasing defense because enemies have less holes in your swing to use and you have more hits to trigger once again the next Swift Slaying keeping the property up constantly. Let’s say that we keep the basic effect of Swift Slaying there should be done something about its triggering conditions like:

  • Adding a cooldown that it can only activate once every 30 / 60 s
  • Removing the crit based trigger condition and replace it by a normal swing condition like 10 % chance per hit can trigger Swift Slaying. This would remove it from crit builds and make it a general choice for faster weapons

As it currently is, Swift Slaying has just to many upsides, especially for dps hunters. The other melee properties aren’t even that bad to begin with but they appear unattractive. And I am absolutely against senseless buffzerking to get other properties up to “Swift Slaying Level”. This will only make the game more bland and boring (different colours of doom).

Some traits I would like to see;

Ogre Strength: Ignores x% of enemy armour. Blunt one-handed weapons (Such as Kruber’s mace and Bardin’s hammer) become armour piercing, and weapons won’t be stopped by armour or shields.

This way you can equip a non-piercing weapon and still deal some damage to shielded and armoured units without getting your cleave completely stopped.

Poisoned Tip: Applies poison to melee strikes.
I’ve long been wanting Kerilian’s melee weapons to deal poison damage, it’d fit well with her Waystalker lore. VT1 also had a trinket that added poison to your attacks.
Poisoned Tip could deal poison damage to enemies that are wounded by your strike (Anytime you bypass armour or hit an unarmoured enemy). The tick could be once every half second, considering the high pace of the game.

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Would it be a good choice to remove the +% damage skaven, +% damage chaos as :

  • We can’t really know the map before.
  • % Chaos, as they have more life and now more factions, will usually be preferred except if there’s only a breakpoint in skaven to be had.
  • We can’t change builds during maps
  • It hurts a bit what could be a variety of builds (like fire/poison/crit/headshot/armor pierce builds for example)

The game is already bad with the “Versatile” category weapons.
In V1 you either had control (blunt) OR AP (piercing), you basically needed either a control for melee and AP for ranged or vica versa. Until DLCs brought in the versatile weapons -falchion, glaive- which in my opinion was a bad design choice.
It got worse in V2, the game throwing incredible amount of armor at you, thus making these weapons more meta than others, especially as you had to be able to do everything alone due to QP.
No need to create even more versatile weapons via traits such as this.

Trait: Some sort of Proc that gives temp health to 1 other hero who has the lowest combined health/temp health nearby - maybe prioritizing wounded heroes. Perhaps a cooldown of 10-15 seconds with the amount of Temp health being maybe 5 or so obviously with numbers being adjusted accordingly for balance reasons.