Please Improve the "Damage Reduction vs Area Damage" Property

In VT1, Damage Reduction vs Globadiers was/is a pretty important property, on Cataclysm and it made a huge difference. In VT2, Damage Reduction va Area Damage capping out at a max of 10% makes it kinda useless in Legend, where you’re 200% dead anyways from 1-2 ticks off a synchronized non-forecast double gas rat throw.

Damage Reduction vs Area Damage should have a separate, much higher property cap than the rest of the Damage Reduction properties, especially if Globadier warnings/aim/damage isn’t going to be balanced. It should cap at 30%, minimum.


The damage reduction in general feels pretty meh in comparison to more general options like +2 Stamina and 20% health.

Would be nice to see a slight boost to them at the least.


Agreed. I consider +20% health mandatory but all of the other defensive traits are kinda poop. On most characters I like to have the stamina. On Sienna, since I never swing her melee and have it specced solely for pushing/turtling, I like min:maxing stamina + block cost reduction but those are all underwhelming compared to where damage reduction should be.

I’m ok with super general damage reduction properties having a lower bonus, as they’ll “proc” more often but the more specific it gets the better the bonus should be.

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Yeah a lot of these choices will just come with a primary roll you are looking for but feel minimal in their impact. I totally agree with OP though… 10% on AOE dmg is just laughable. Property slots are so important and limited that they need to bring something to the table that impacts gameplay.

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I actually agree with this…

Things like… vs Chaos and vs Skaven are the only ones that should have the 10% limit, as those are all encompassing.

Things like vs Monsters and vs Berserkers… that is very specific to very small amounts of mobs… so should be +20% Limit.

The AoE is even MORE restricted… to just a whopping 2 types of attacks… gas and blightstorm (not even mobs). This one should be able to reach up to 30%.


Yeh I’m pretty sure it’s +30% in VT1, and that’s with the gas rats being much more limited in their spawn potential and a better balanced gas damage mechanism, whereby you don’t take much damage from the first tick but the longer you’re in the more dangerous it gets. In VT2, gas can nearly instantly down an entire team that’s not at full health on legend so the lol10% is a real slap in the face.

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Its actually more than that in V1 its 60% on the orange trinket.

I had all the Trinkets for them. Used to use the one VS Assassins and Globadiers regularly, they were my mainstays.


Yeah same. I haven’t logged onto v1 for a style but I knew it was potent enough to make a difference and also basically mandatory

I’ve been wondering about this, does anyone know if “AoE” in the case of this property includes AoE-type attacks from other enemies? Like the bile troll vomit or Burbles and his stupid ghostie things.

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I believe it includes blightstorms, flamethrowers, bile/bubos, and ground fire. More than just the gas in V1 but still a fairly limited and situational variety that I think merits a significantly more potent damage reduction property.

Yeah, reduction vs AoE could be tripled and still be a pretty underwhelming stat. Considering how few sources proc it, I’d say it would need to be at least at 50% before anyone would consider taking it.

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Agree. I wouldn’t consider using this unless it was at least 50%.

The exotic one in Vermintide originally provided 80% IIRC. Even after the nerf it often felt like a necessity on Cataclysm.

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