AOE damage reduction

Damn globadiers off-screen god geometry throws. Fatshark if you make AoE reduction for atleast 60% I’m buying another copy of the game.


They spawn off screen and off map, also their bombs go through walls… they need a rapid fix.

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In VT1 you could slot in 60% damage reduction vs globadiers. Obviously this would be less uselful with the higher variety of specials but I wouldn’t mind seeing 40 to 50% damage reduction vs AoE as a trait. Yes, I know you can get 10% as a property but that’s useless.

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I think if they fix the audio cues appropriately it will be fine. When you hear a globadier that means time to get your rear in gear!

Yeah the Globadiers are a little out of hand.

They can throw though wooden fences and throw like Nolan Ryan. While I understand throwing from a ways away, that’s a little rediculous. And throwing though a tiny crack in a fence?

Its kind like the Ratlings firing through the walls in Into the Nest. ie… a little out of hand.

And that’s besides the ludicrous amount of damage on impact the globe does.

The damage resistance for Area should at least be able to go up to 20%… heck in V1 it was up to 60% with the Orange Trinket.

This is a very specific type of attack, not something general like 10% reduction vs Chaos… so you can seriously stand to increase the resistence to Area Damage. Its the same with the damage resistance vs Monsters which also is equally rare or specific.

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