2.0.x, Winds of Magic and Blurred Feedback

2.0.x and Winds of Magic -blurred feedback.

If you’ve been here a little while you’ll know I’m really not entertained by the current state of VT2, and am quite melancholy about the whole thing at the moment. I know some people are having a blast in WoM and enjoying the Weaves and Dark Omens so it’s not ALL a complete failure.

I haven’t just thrown the whole thing over my shoulder and gone on my merry way to another game- although I know droves of my friends list who have- and I’ve been attempting to work on a build for Kruber and Sienna that might work to get me back enjoying the game a bit.

Here’s the point of my post, the feedback about how the combat feels, and how the talents work and how the stagger mechanic works is all completely useless if there are bugs that affect the core components of the new gameplay.

So. Taken from the Bug Forum…

Battle Wizard Ult is bugged and doesn’t work properly, Battle Wizard Kaboom does nothing, Damage over Time on the Flail and other things isn’t displayed properly and doesn’t work on all targets that are on fire (!), Volcanic Force Talent is only effective close range, Sienna’s flail basically having Ghost hits and ineffective hits vs enemies.

Kruber 2h hammer doesn’t stagger CW properly using Mainstay,Bulwark doesn’t apply damage properly, Helborgs Tutelage bugged on last hit, Aimed Shot damage on HG not working properly and HG doesn’t ingore shields any more, Swift slaying doesn’t work on Krubers Spear, possible changes to Longbow zoom (an old bug?) making it harder to use.

These are the two classes I’ve tried, and they’re bugged to hell. I suspect most other classes have similar kind of thing where there’s broken or downright pointless talents or those that don’t work properly. Now before anyone comes along and mentions “But It’s a BETA”… for those of use who have NOT brought WoM, this is a Patch to the core game and not a BETA for WoM as we haven’t paid for Early Access. It’s a patch to a live game and simply should not have introduced multitudinous broken things. I remember a stream many moons ago saying there would be thorough code checks of every patch now. Laugh! I almost brought a round.

Remember launch anyone? Cleave and Stagger not even working?

So here’s the positive bit - for me at least.

There’s no point getting in a rage about how the gameplay feels when there’s so much broken bits of the game. Patching 2.0.x is fairly pointless unless it also includes massive and continuous bug-fixing patches, and attempting to balance the game when it’s broken is an exercise in futility. If this gets fixed then it might feel completely different and certainly would possibly cause much less frustrating deaths. I’m going to spend my time figuring out exactly what is broken and attempt to put together a list of talents and things that are pointless to take as it is completely distorting the gameplay to take those talents. Any post saying “Kruber spear feels weaker” could possibly be ignored as the Swift Slaying doesn’t work. You get my point.

And finally, Winds of Magic DLC(I refuse to call it an expansion) is a separate entity to the patch. It’s all bundled up in one big, smudged mess but it shouldn’t be. To effectively give feedback they need to be separated I think. The PATCH has caused the most contention, and WoM might not be so badly received if the PATCH 2.0 is bug free on the 13th.

There is an entire other post about how the marketing has gone completely wrong, and by bundling the patch along with the DLC has given the reputation of WoM a complete battering but that’s for someone else to tackle.

In short, I’ve stopped being a bit petulant as there’s no point being angry about something broken. When it’s FIXED, then I might not be so grumpy and could possibly grow to like the game. Again.


Waystalker “Serrated Shots” does also nothing.

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