Any chance we can roll back to pre-WoM?

I took something like 6 weeks off from the game and was very disappointed to find last night that combat still feels utterly broken. Phantom hits, missing audio cues, stupidly unbalanced difficulty spike during Fort Baconburger finale still unchanged, etc., etc., etc. It legitimately feels like nothing at all has been fixed or re-tuned since WoM first released. And there hasn’t been a patch in a month!? This is such hot garbage that it should be getting tiny hotfixes multiple times a week, not a long period of radio silence followed by some big change – that’s what got us into this mess in the first place.

Fatshark, if you’re not going to fix this new version of the game, maybe you could at least just let us play the version that actually more-or-less worked?


Go to modded - problem fixed.

Damned by faint praise.

Mine says the opposite. Pugging on Legend barely happens anymore, and when it does it’s full of underleveled scrubs that just got the game on sale and don’t know what they are getting into. All the competent players (myself included) spend more time solo with bots then we do in real groups, because it’s the only way to complete runs and get vaults.

Splitting the community behind a paywall was the worst thing FS could have done. There is no skill pool actively playing in Legend anymore, so new players get there, hit a hard wall, and give up. New player retention is at an all time low. There was a just a sale and I saw the concurrent numbers go up, then down to baseline again in under a week. 2.0’s broken difficulty curve and divided community is driving people away before they even get to the game’s heart.


I’m not trolling. I quit playing because they ruined the game with WoM. I decided to try it again hoping they had fixed things in the time I was away. The game feels just as broken as when I left, and playing just made me miss what the game used to be. And the fact that it’s so broken and they aren’t actively hotfixing things like they were right after WoM launched is pretty alarming – do they think it’s actually okay in its current state?

(And “large patch upcoming” just makes me nervous – history tells us that when Fatshark does a large patch, it breaks way more things than it fixes. That’s why I would have expected small but frequent hotfixes until the game was back to a good place. Apparently they still haven’t learned that lesson even after so many failed large patches, of which WoM is the most recent and by far the worst offender.)

Yes, people who still play the game post-WoM don’t hate it. That’s what you call sampling bias. That’s because most of the people who hated how broken WoM was mostly quit. Just because some people like a game despite its flaws, that does not mean those flaws do not exist. Does anyone in discord think the phantom hits and bugged audio make the game better than it would be if those things worked properly?

Is there a “roll back to pre-WoM” mod? I haven’t looked for something like that yet.


You are out of touch with reality. I have been playing this game ever since release and at this point in time the game is in a perfectly acceptable state. Yeah there are open issues that still need addressing. However, major changes were made to the game and the devs made sure tweaks were made with the required frequency right after 2.0 came out.

I do not buy your complaints re: phantom hits and sound bugs at this point in time. The sound bugs were fixed and stingers are working correctly as long as your settings are correct. Don’t blame a PEBCAK issue on the devs and claim that the game is “broken”.

Phantom hits? What phantom hits? They patched a few instances of these not too long ago. I barely even had them at all even when they were still an open issue, and I definitely don’t experience them now. And that’s playing on Cata almost exclusively at this point. You either have client side latency or you are blaming the game for your own faults.

A key point is that the game does still have some wonky ass hitboxes. But that was the case even on build 1.6/1.7, so it’s not really a plausible source for your assessment of the game being “broken”.

Overall you are just part of the problem around here. Recycled complaint threads regurgitating the same old crap all while muddying the waters in terms of identifying actual open issues that may or may not need fixing.


Hey yeah calling the game broken is obviously an exaggeration. Suggesting it’s rolled back is also extremely unlikely and unhelpful. However, looking around the forums and subreddit and suggesting everything is fine is also completely laughable .

Glad you’re happy with how things are, but you’re in the minority and it’s dumb to accuse people of trolling because they hold a different opinion.

Look at spawn proximity my dude, pops up every game and makes the game look super unfinished. No patch in three weeks with major issues like some talents just not working etc. You look silly defending this stuff so adamantly.


Those issues are due to client side latency. Just like people who still complain about utterly silent Beastmen ambushes (which have been fixed). If you have a poor connection to the host then there will be tangible delays between what is happening host side and what you perceive on your end.

I almost exclusively play as a client with fiber internet and even I can notice some subtle differences in audio stingers when I’m hosting. I can hear the exact timing a bit easier than when I am playing as a client but that’s not to say I have issues as a client. Because I really don’t. Why else do you think support just marks “acknowledged” on the endless “sound bug” and “no backstab sound” threads? It’s because it has been fixed internally and there is nothing else to do about it. It’s clear to me from my hours and hours of gameplay post 2.0. I’m not really sure why these bogus complaints continue to crop up.

My thought is that people are just bored and looking for something to troll or be mad about. Just like after Bogenhafen. Even after that DLC dropped and the purple glow cosmetics were supposedly prophesying the end of the world and Hedge quit social media and the game was gonna be dead in a few months…here we all are. Literally a year later and repeating the same exact crap that happened back then.

You people will never be happy at this rate.

Here is the problem. It is the same crap as a year ago, you’re right. Bugs have reappeared from a year ago.

while there has been a lot of fixes and the backstab sound fix did make a massive difference, and the beastmen have been nerfed there are still some big bugs that make it a very frustrating game to play. I don’t have phantom hits, but I DO get hit by a mauler from what appears to be miles outside of the hitbox range - as client and host too.

As for sound, I have a little chuckle whenever some character calls out “Lookout Plague Monks” thirty seconds after we’ve pummeled them into the floor. There are sound bugs, although the backstab was fixed for me some time ago.

I agree the game isn’t as absurdly broken as 2.0 launch, but it isn’t working nicely either. It is playable, and can be enjoyable but for me every play session there seems to be something that jolts me back to being a bit fed up and snaps me out of the fun.


In an absolute sense, the game may not be broken, but relative to pre-WoM, I stand by that statement. Relative to pre-WoM, current combat is a buggy mess. I agree that a rollback is unlikely, but the current build is barely even beta-quality, so I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect that it would still be an opt-in beta build (as it should have been from the start) and players who wanted something more polished and less experimental could stay on pre-WoM until the beta branch is at least as polished as prod. I know it’s way too late and Fatshark would never even consider letting people stay on a pre-WoM build, but I’m voicing my frustration and honestly wish that were an option.

I was hosting, so latency should not be a thing, unless somehow the netcode is really impressively bad?
I’m comparing my own experience pre-WoM to my own experience post-WoM, so my own faults are not going to be a factor here. I never experienced so many issues with broken combat mechanics, enemy spawns, and missing audio cues in the couple months leading up to WoM. These are new problems.

Do you know why that happens? Because this “same old crap” never gets fixed. If they just fixed their damn game, then I wouldn’t be complaining about the same things I complained about back before I left, the things I had hoped they had gotten around to fixing while I was gone.


And yet here I am, playing the game day by day without any of those issues. Oh, and for the record: this is coming from someone who was an outspoken critic of the vast majority of the changes across ALL of the Winds of Magic beta tests. I also loathed the state of the Beastmen when they finally officially went live. So I’m not some Fatshark shill or apologist as some other nitwit was so enthusiastic about suggesting.

Overall I just can’t help but chuckle at the things you continue to complain about. “Broken” combat mechanics? Like what exactly? There are a few isolated talents that still have some bugs (after a total rework of the ENTIRE spectrum of talents mind you). There are a few other small bugs here and there. Boss turns are annoying sometimes but I haven’t had any negative instances of those at all recently. I can’t even think of what else you’d be referring to. Probably because you’re just grasping at straws so you can continue your fake outrage at the supposed “broken” state of the game.

Audio issues are purely a PEBCAK issue at this point. If you don’t want to go look at the Troubleshooting FAQ for the correct sound settings then that’s your problem.

And I can’t even remember the last time I was taken aback by any sort of wonky spawns. Patrols can still do the ole clown car every once in a while but this is due to lag in my experience. I never have problems with it when I host.

Fatshark pushed out patches for a multitude of days right after 2.0 to get stuff ironed out. You really think I wouldn’t be sitting here complaining too if there really was a problem? You won’t be able to find the posts now but just a couple of months ago I was in staunch opposition of anything and everything related to Stagger.

Really? Enemies spawning a few metres away in plain sight is a client issue? That’s funny since I’ve almost exclusively played as host since 2.0. Where are you even getting that from? Sounds like out your ass since it’s patently false…

Enemies never spawned that close pre 2.0 as client or host. Now they do nearly every game. If not in plain sight then 2 metres behind you or from a small rock a few metres to your side. It’s ridiculous and hugely immersion breaking.

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Nope. I simply do not believe it. I’ve got hours and hours of play post 2.0 and I can’t even think of one instance where I actually noticed anything of the sort. Either as a client or a host.

Sounds like a client side PC issue to me. It’s the only logical conclusion. Either that or you’re so blinded by the rage of not getting the Veteran item you wanted that you’re choosing to grasp for straws and fabricate supposed issues that aren’t even really occurring.

Ok sure me and the two people I play with regularly are all delusional. As well as all the people who have posted about this here and on the subreddit numerous times since 2.0. Did I miss some patch notes where it was fixed? Haven’t played in a week but as far as I can see there have been no patches for 3 weeks. My computer is not cutting edge but I wouldn’t call a GTX 1060 potato either. I have never had issues running the game on highish specs so your conclusion is far fetched at best.

I’m very happy for you that you have not encountered this, but frankly I find your claim every bit as unbelievable as you find mine, because seeing it every game is barely an exaggeration.

Also good job making juvenile assumptions that I’m raging over veteran items. If you’re going to argue in complete bad faith I won’t waste my time talking to you. Look around though, doesn’t seem like many people agree with you, if accusing everyone of being a liar is all you have to contribute, kindly leave.


Just because you don’t have a certain problem (or don’t notice it) doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist for anyone else. Computers and computer games are pretty notorious for weird bugs that can happen on pretty specific interactions, for both hardware and software. One example in this game’s case is how the game runs better for some people when using DirectX11, and for others using DX12.

Yes, some of the sound issues reported have been due to Windows update messing up the settings. Not all, as can be seen from confirming the settings not affecting the issues (and there honestly seems to be some problems in how the game handles surround sound). Enemies spawning in suspicious locations is an issue for several people, and can cause very frustrating situations - and it’s not simply an issue of host-client relation, as evidenced by the reports of it.

The game is getting better, true. But it still has a lot of issues in multiple things. It has bugs (some of which are quite significant); it has balance problems in several aspects; and it still has bad mechanics too. Not all of those issues are apparent or equally significant to everyone, but just because you don’t have an issue with some things, doesn’t meant that they’re not an issue at all.


I don’t really have much stake in this race but I did put up a flag because your posts have been pretty inflammatory. You could have gotten your point across without personal attacks and condescending explanations.

I agree the game has improved since WoM, but you really aren’t making a strong case for yourself. People aren’t going to come around to your side if you talk down to them. As far as anyone on the outside looking into the thread is concerned, your points are just as credible as your opponents’, only they’re having the conversation in a civil manner.

Apologies for any trouble, have a nice day. :+1:


How should people interpret this, if not as an abrasive remark? This wasn’t necessary, and there are all sorts of snide little remarks like this sprinkled throughout your posts. My point was only that you could have made YOUR points without these kinds of things. People might be more inclined to agree with you.

Apologies for letting it get off-topic. We aren’t going back to pre-WoM so this is all rather moot to begin with. Hopefully the season 2 changes will be all we could hope for and then some.


Wow, this thread went downhill fast.

If the message isn’t going away, apparently it just means you haven’t shot the messenger enough. :roll_eyes:

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It’s a novel detail considering that they’re never going to see reason anyway. Just like all the ragers who think that Fatshark should be subject to class action lawsuit over the whole dedicated server nonsense. It’s pure fantasy and exaggeration at this point. Even mahkra feels the need to spread nonsense about it on Reddit too. I’m sure others are as well under different handles.

I can sit here all day and post about my experience (that aligns with plenty of others) but it isn’t going to stop the kicking and screaming. It’s just like with Bogenhafen last year. Why else do you think Hedge quit social media? It’s these same types of people that end up threatening the devs over a video game.

Also: LOL at the flags on the post above. There is nothing offensive to be flagged.

I just didn’t have the CPU info on hand calm down (I still don’t, not home yet). I clearly stated that my computer runs the game fine and I’ve never had any issues. If my specs can run the game completely smoothly on mostly high settings but will also randomly cause enemies to spawn super close that is clearly the game’s fault, not my PC. For memory I am roughly on par with the recommended settings and well above minimum requirement for CPU and GPU. Your argument is getting less and less coherent as you weave in more needless insults.

I’d also like to point out that I never mentioned audio in any capacity. I have no issue with backstab noises whatsoever and raised no complaints about that so I assume that was aimed at OP not me?

I dunno why but you seem angry and you’re frankly unpleasant to talk to so I’m done with this thread. Have fun convincing everyone here they’re imagining every issue they’ve consistently experienced :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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No specifics, yet again. Telling.

Peace out I guess.