Vermintide 2 Survey in the launcher - This is great!

Just received the new update that has a new look for the VT2 launcher and it provides a survey link to comment on the WoM DLC, Weaves Season 1, and the game more generally. Quick and easy to fill out, with good questions.

This is great!

I’ve already submitted my feedback. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of responses come in from the player base more broadly (and not just limited to certain community groups).


Aren’t you supposed to be at work right now? :slight_smile:

This is not going to be so great feedback, as the player base has shrunk to the die-hard masochists who are still here. You don’t need a survey to tell you that Winds of Magic was a World-Class massive c*ck-up. The playerbase has disappeared up the wazoo and the whole game is circling the drain.

How many times can you tell someone "please stop releasing broken sh*t and have a modicum of quality control and at least attempt to have something… ANYTHING… balanced properly. "

You’ll NEVER get a response from the people who have uninstalled out of disgust and never fire up the launcher.


@mahkra I took PTO today, the rest of the family are sick so I’m looking after them and also having a bash on Vermintide :slight_smile:

This is the same survey that was in the launcher after the beta and feedback was completely ignored. Why would it be otherwise now?


I don’t think feedback’s been completely ignored - there was definitely feedback that was acted on (and other feedback that wasn’t). There are a lot of changes that went in with WoM’s launch and from what I can tell FatShark have been working hard to apply fixes. Granted, it would have been nice to have a less crashy/buggy release and to have seen more of the beta feedback taken on board and fixed up before launch.

I still think the game is the best melee/co-op game currently on the market and I’d like to see it improve.



It even still has questions asking about the beta and pre-release :roll_eyes:


Since I do not play until real changes are happening. I only filled it out (hugely emty dough) because people here sent me the link.

Sad to see that it isn’t promoted on any other official channel to my knowledge.
Also overworking it to actually being able to account that there are lots of people unwilling to play anymore wouldn’t have hurt.
It’s great that we finally admit were still in beta. :smile:


Damn, I always thought FS’s patch notes needed patches, now their surveys need patches too? I mean, how hard can it be to proofread a couple of pages of text, guys?


This is the quality of the work that we can expect coming S2 and probably S3 too…


In fairness, isn’t it the only melee / pve coop game on the market? Or at least the only first-person one?


All the more reason to get behind it and help it improve :wink:

Oh it’s really cool to know that we must pay full price for WoM Pre-Release Beta. Gj FS, cheat us on :+1:t2:

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I’m sure our answers will be first filtered by the elite discord to remove any … disharmonious elements. Also lol at the laziness involved in not even updating the questions from their beta version,


I loved it. Yes, the same from beta :smiley: and the last question about feedback, I answered that look for the forum where we reported lots of bugs which are well known by others too and they are still in the game since month to more than a year.

Very cheap survey. At least they can say that our feedback is important to them. applause in distance


People have been doing that with much enthusiasm for two years now, but like a malignant narcissist, FS seems to take suggestions as a reason to do the opposite just out of spite.


Or - and I know this will sound crazy for most people - FS has listened to the feedback in WoM Beta and it was just different than you all want to believe. Because many, many players do never look into reviews or the forum but they see the survey in the launcher. As such the picture some people try to paint in the forum/reviews is not an accurate one. In this case it wouldnt be the developers but a part of the community which are deattached from reality.

I mean, consider all the crying after the combat and talent changes of 2.0. And now the reviews have turned back to above 80 % after the negative part has run out of ammonition. And no those new reviews are not entirely from new players but up to 40 % from Veterans with hundred hours of playtime.

The survey is the most accurate data to show the general community census and as long as noone knows the overall results all we can do is speculate. But we should all step away from believing that the forums are the holy truth.

Well, people said that the game will be dead one month after release of WoM. So far they have been wrong. Let’s wait for the end of the year, then we can make a more informed argument.

Just a thought.

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Except the severe dropoff in player numbers & the utter devastation that is the steam review scores of both the base game since 2.0 and WoM suggest that the overall player base doesn’t like the changes. It’s a bit disingenuous to only look at the recent reviews – yeah, the people who hate the changes have stopped writing reviews at this point, because they already uninstalled the game and moved on. New players have no idea what they’re missing out on. The current version of the game is decent enough to be reasonably playable, but the old version of the game was rather good. The changes made things considerably worse.


Giving feedback about WoM after the steam critics around 20% positive, forum venom.
Nice idea but why these generic questions after 3 months of apokalyps ? i’d like to give more and detailed ones instead of " yes i like, no i don’t like WoM " since forums seems a bit ignored