Thank God I didn't bought The Winds of Magic (XBOX)

All my console friends say the game is ruined , Winds of Magic suck big time and The Patch destroyed the whole fun .


I dont think so. The talents are amazing … but the enemies are just meat shields…


Great feedback, keep it up! :+1:


You get the patch even if you don’t buy the dlc… But I have to agree. Beastmen are really annoying to fight. They have cut off a lot of fun.

Bardin Slayer and Victor Zealot were my favorite characters to play now this game feels like … and that Bardin’s Slayer Super Ult JUMP hahahaha WTF is that , feels like he is pulled to the ground

Zealot got a huge buff though? They actually increased his thp generation… Not to mention he can keep up his ULT for nearly every single big engage.

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?? what’s that ?

Temporary health.

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I’m again still surprised he isnt banned, not once he didnt post something that was completly useless or outright spam


This dude again stalking me

No comment on slayer Bardin since I don’t play that class, but I really don’t like how they doubled THP decay. THP used to be a good crutch when things weren’t going so well, now it’s really just a race against time until the inevitable, or until you’re lucky enough to find healing.

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I always thought of thp like adrenaline in combat. You keep pushing on despite your injuries but when it all calms down, you crash. I think the faster decay helps with that. At the same time, there’s still a big delay on it decaying. You won’t lose thp in any kind of combat, see a single rat, smack it, even gaining the tiniest bit of thp will stop the decay from starting.


Im an Xboxplayer as well and nobody of the ppl i played with Think the game is ruined ,me neither…
We all waited long enough for the patches and the new gameplay and everybody had enough time to see how it is working out on our test group ( PC :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) .

I dont like the new slayer leap too but that would be my only big minus on a long list of pluses we got granted.
I think the new talents are cool and make the builds more diverse.

Before the wom patch the only thing you got to do was crit build with swift slaying on every character and class ( maby besides FK and IB) and Legend was a walk in the park where everyone could wander of and fight on his own and get an easy full book run.
The way it is now you get punished for being a selfish green circle collecting Heratic and that’s good.

Now you actually have to think and do some team play in a coop game …oh no what have they done… :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:


I want to hack and slash like crazy, that is why I loved this game so much back then. Now go stagger your grandma. My friends say the game it’s ruined after patch 2.0 . Yo friends ain’t my friends

If you want to hack and slash like crazy go champion still possible there


Yes indeed


If you’re just looking for mindless murder (which can be fun indeed) without a challenge just drop down to recruit/veteran.

So you’re making these threads on their behalf or what? Or is the game bad because your friends don’t like it? I’m not sure why you keep bringing it up.


Played console patch the other day; I have to push a little more and I’m super rusty with a controller now; but legend you’re still able to mow down most enemies due to the sheer power increase console weapons have in the first place. It’s for certain a different game; but not ruined at all. Peer group has been enjoying the change of pace and the new challenge of legend.


Hey welcome back @SICKOMODE. Your thread is missing tangible feedback. I guess you don’t like the stagger adjustments? Could you elaborate on that?


It won’t change nothing @Fatshark_Hedge this stagger thing is here to stay , I liked the game before patch 2.0, and I’m not playing when I say lots of my xbox friends hate the 2.0 patch / no hate

xD sure