Globadiers - hmmmm?!?!?

How about making their damage less damaging at the beginnning and more and more powerfull when standing in that green AoE. It would fix the problem with master calculated throws.


Globadiers = Tom Brady


they did something like that in v1, i think they negated the first tick of globadier throw so that people had time to get out of it or something.

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I think it would be in order like that. Not to be too harsh on em, but considering how much “inspiration” they took from L4D-franchise, it is astonishing that they did not do that here. Globs are pretty much L4D 2’s Spitter, and while I think the Spitter’s damage has always been a tad bit too little, it could become potentially devestating. The design that the ooze creeps out after it lands and deals more and more damage the longer you stand in it is absolutely brilliant. This is precisely the way it should be on the globadier, considering their ability to throw with precision that would put any quaterback to shame, throw 2 globes in rapid succession and seem to prioritize heroes that are either pinned by gutter runners or downed.

Or, failing that, how about they make it so that globadiers can’t toss out of LOS

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How about when they triple fire some fastballs your way and you just die on Legend? Reminds me of oldschool Cata where one Globe would kill the entire team.

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