Marriage "Damage Reduction vs"s, and "Power vs"s

I think those are just be a “Damage Reduction +?%”, and “Power +?%”.

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I think if power vs was made as a general damage increase it would probably trump attack speed and certainly crit power and there’d be little reason to take anything else on your charm ever, except mmaaaayyybe for the slowest weapons that need all the AS they can get.

Damage Reduction is an interesting one. If you think about it, DR and +health are basically the same stat, they both increase your “effective health”, which means with a generic DR property either + health or DR would always just be a worse version of the other one.

I think making DR specialised against certain targets is the right move to stop it directly competing with other properties, but I would increase the % and change the categories to something like this:
20% DR against hordes units
20% DR against elite units
20% DR against specials
30% DR against monsters/lords (30% cause these units are much less common than the others).

Note that a 20% DR is a 25% increase in effective HP, so the DR properties need to be at least 20% to compete with +20% health. I think it would also be necessary to make these properties give additive DR after other DR calculations otherwise I think they’d only see use on classes with literally no access to DR. Even just being multiplicative with Barkskin would probably be enough to keep +health as the only pick.

There are probably some major issues with this idea I’ve missed, so hopefully people will pick up on that and correct me, but I think this would be a solid direction to take DR properties generally.

Also worth noting that perhaps + health could use a small nerf to help make other options competitive without very large DR values. Even just knocking health property down to 15% would make it easier to balance (though admittedly seeing my character with 172.5 max hp would be pretty triggering :rofl:)

Ugh…No so many bad ideas maybe limit 1 post per week?

In my case, the thoughts are bursts out. Should I sorry for this?

Nah no need to apologise for trying to prompt discussion. Would probably be more productive though if you put more thought in before posting. Your suggestions are pretty bare bones and don’t seem to consider potential issues.

The only thing I’ve seen you do that was kinda not cool is post a poll, delete the post when it wasn’t well received then post it again with slightly different wording. That’s a bit spammy. Otherwise you shouldn’t feel bad for posting ideas to a discussion board. If people don’t like them they can just say so and explain why, no harm done.


You could, but by the framing of the “question” doesn’t seem like it would be genuine.

Bad ideas are okay though its the spamming nature of loading, deleting, reloading, polling and no actual growth/compromise of idea that’s more irking.

it’d cause a lot of power creep if you could just hit all the breakpoints you need with only 2 properties

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