A few thoughts about armour types and weapon/charm pwr vs properties

We have four different armour types in VT2- Infantry, Armoured, Berserks and Monsters, as well as pwr vs each of this armour types.

The problem I see here.

  1. Pwr vs Infantry is OP, there are too many different enemies affected by this property- clan/slaverats, fanatics, marauders, leechers/stormers, gas rats and maulers. I found that the most popular charms I use are Chaos+Infantry/Infantry+ASpd/Chaos+ASpd.

  2. Nobody uses pwr vs Berserks coz there are only 2 different creatures affected by this propertie and you can see 0 of them for like half of the map. IDK what else can I add here.

  3. Armoured is usable sometimes, but for the most part when you want to reach some 20/40 dmg breakpoints that affects both CW and SV, otherwise it’s better just to use either Chaos or Skaven to get numbers for SV/CW. TL;DR It’s just a lot better to use Chaos or Skaven instead of Armoured to hit those breakpoints, use Armoured only when you have no other option.

  4. Pwr vs Monsters in very bad idea as it is now, You only want it on your “dedicated boss killing weapons” like Hagbane or FB staff, still it’s literally useless for the most time, and it’s not that necessary if you have good weapon loadout agains bosses, but if you have bad one it can’t help you either.

My suggestion:

  1. Remove Armoured and Berserker armour types completly.

  2. Leave only scavenslaves, clanrats, fanatics and marrauders to the Infantry.

  3. Introduce new armour class “Elite” there should be all current elites aka SV/SSV, CW, Maulers, Plague monks, Savages and maybe non-disabler specials Gunners/Warpfire throwers/Globadiers.

  4. Add to a Monster category all disabler specials- Leechers, Stormers, Gutter runners (Packmasters are already here), and maybe non disabler specials (instead of adding them to Elite category).

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Changing the properties will totally destroy the careers’ balance, that is mainly based on the breakpoints… just vs berserkers (and maybe monsters) is useless.

p.s and I don’t think that vs infantry is op… for example rarely I use it on ranged careers.

I like your general line of thinking, but you’re forgetting that a lot of weapons have “monster” multipliers built in.

I don’t like the system as it is right now either. Especially that they’re race specific - especially since this will also allow people to have more easy access to data, that is not easy to test in game (excluding modded realm).
Honestly think we’d be better off with the bonuses to be additive (for simplicity) and match the categories of enemies we face:

Power VS X:

  • Unarmoured (unarmoured units, including berserkers, Unarmoured specials)
  • Armoured (all armoured types, including armoured specials)
  • Elites (CW, SV, Maulers)
  • Monsters (lords and monsters)
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