Charms can't role Pwr vs Armored and Monster on charm

Issue Summary: I’ve rolled over 1000 times at this point believing it was simply bad luck preventing me from getting the properties mentioned in the title. I’ve made posts before about this where people said they have made these rolls but they didn’t provide real proof.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Waste all your dust
  2. Get the same properties for example: Pwr vs Skaven and infantry 20 times in a row
    3.Be angry at yourself for wasting the time to get the dust and the time to waste it, proceed to cry

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Constant (100%)

Your passionate whine has moved my heart and piqued my interest, so I decided to waste some dust of mine to verify your whine´s legitimacy. Tried rolling 60 times, and it really does seem like you are correct and this combination is impossible to achieve on a charm. Which may or may not be fine, but if so, the community needs to know so that they don´t waste resources and will to live on this bull*hit.

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The most have 999+ ressources so… There won’t be any waste for anything.

There will if he really did roll over 1000 times. I had just above 500 of each type of dust, and don´t really need that much of it anymore, so I was ok with wasting some of it just to try this out, but for players who haven´t been playing for long, this can be a pretty big issue (assuming new players will actually bother trying to roll this very specific combo on a charm). Regardless, if it is impossible, there should be a way to learn that without wasting a crapton of resources on it.

You need to waste a lot of dust min maxing to get specific properties on specific items. I may just be generally unlucky but on average I spend at least 20-30 of each dust to get the roll I want. Sometimes it takes 1 or 2 rolls but sometimes it goes in to the hundreds or thousands in my case and for rolling pwr vs skaven and chaos on charm a while back but they fixed that.

Yeah, I wasted a lot of dust back in the day. I did think about it like there were “tiers” of “power VS” properties - the faction tier (skaven/chaos) and the armor class tier (armoured/monster/zerker etc.). And it looked to me like you cannot roll two properties of the same tier - so it was alway like skaven/monster, chaos/zerker, but never armoured/monster or chaos/skaven.

You can roll Chaos/Skaven. @OrsonMaxwell

Hmmm, I’m interested though, why do you want Armoured and Monster on the same charm? I’ve never seen a build that would benefit from this roll. I am genuinely interested


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I have managed to roll skaven+chaos many times, and also infantry+armored etc., so clearly that is not the case.

That was a long time ago on my first char (that would be some career of Bardin or another). I didn’t know much about the breakpoints and stuff back then. Probably I though I need it for some reason.

Maybe they fixed it? At least maybe that is what @Cicero referred to. I don’t know. I’m not claiming it is true.

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Does everyone have to play several builds and have to use breakpoints? I guess not…

Well, the fact that he is actively trying to roll for it would make me think he was trying to do something… I was just curious what he might have been trying to achieve.

They re-introduced “power vs. skaven” & “power vs. chaos” in

A while ago, we fixed a bug that caused you to be able to roll “Power vs. Chaos” and “Power vs. Skaven” on Charms. We don’t like the idea of having a combination that covers all bases for Charms - it prevents you from making meaningful choices in your gear.

But we also realize that this combination was available from launch - it’s not fair to remove it from the game while some equipment still has this specific combination of properties. So we’re adding it back in.

I also tried to get this stat combination on a charm few month ago. Can’t remember exactly what build did I wanted to try, only remember more than 400 wasted rolls, “Holy Frustration” and zero responce from FS in a tread similar to this one.

P.S. IF I remember correctly, there was some tricky double breakpoint against CW and SV I wanted to get with this one “armoured”.

It´s probably the best you could have (next to VS chaos). Bosses/PM and CW´s are the worst case scenario in this game. Horde / Skaven are just too easy.

I’m interested too because I’ve never actually tested a build with it.

They fixed pwr vs skaven and chaos. You couldn’t role it but they fixed it.

Can we get a dev to address this? @FatsharkJulia @Fatshark_Hedge

I was playing slayer back then and probably wanted just more damage against PMs and bosses (including stormfiends). Sorry - I cannot really remember the whole train of thought, but I did remember the fact that I failed to roll what I wanted to try because of those limitations.

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So I’ve checked with one of my colleagues and can confirm that it is not possible to roll Power vs. Armoured and Power vs. Monster on a Charm. I appreciate that this information isn’t readily available, we intend to make this clearer.

Thanks !

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