Is it possible to roll Power vs Skaven + Power vs Chaos

That would result in an overall 10% damage, which is pretty good on any build not focused on specific target (boss killing, horde cleaning, or elite etc…)

But before I spend a hell lot of dust in rolls, has anyone here came accross this kind of combination ?

Yes you can, I don’t remember which item it can go on (I think maybe charm and melee?) But I’ve seen it.

One google Second later

I know properties exists, doesn’t mean the actual combination of both is possible.
In V1 some weapon couldn’t have some specific combination of traits

@Flinlock Thx, guess i’ll reroll now x)


You can, but not on melee (you can roll only 1 powver vs stat on them), on charm only. Of that I’m sure as I have one with both myself.

On ranged you can also have two “power vs” properties, but not sure if you can have vs chaos or skaven on them. maybe just infantry/monsters/etc.

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Ah, I’ve been trying to do it on ranged.
I’ve seen vs Skaven, vs Chaos, but never at the same time after 75 rolls ^^
Guess I’ll go with Infantry/Armoured then ^^

I have an orange charm with Chaos + Skaven
However i just got red charm, after 300+ green dust, still could not roll chaos + skaven on it …

Just rolled around 100 dust into charms and never saw the combination come up. So it’s possible that they grandfathered it?

If anyone manages to roll it, let me know!


rolled this this week, just before 1.1 patch
so yea, definitally was possible combination.

After 1.1 it’s impossible. Doesn’t exist. Thank you Fatshark :frowning:

Sadly that may be true. I’ve gotten my first red charm, i’ve done 100-150 rerolls to no avail

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