Power vs Chaos & Power vs Skaven

Can you roll both on a staff?
Power vs Skaven + Power vs Chaos

Is it possible on charma?

After nearly 400 rolls I have to say this is bugged.
Fatshark please fix this because it used to work…
Really annoying

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Possible on Charm, no idea on melee/ranged tho

After 200 rerolls I’m just unlucky then

Not possible on melee, is possible on ranged.

Rolled over 100 on a red Charm and couldn’t get Chaos/Skaven or Monsters/Armour. You CAN roll Monster/Armour on ranged though!

Had pretty much every other possible roll.

I have a red charm with chaos and skaven I think.

Chaos/Skaven was possible on a charm before the patch.
I believe it wasn’t on ranged weapons and is now impossible on charms too.

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