Unable to roll "vs Chaos" same time as "vs Skaven" on Charms and Melee?

Reading around here, testing, looking in the game and asking elsewhere it seems you can’t roll both “vs chaos” and “vs skaven” at the same time on charms anymore. People have spent several hundreds of dust but never get it after 1.1. However, there are those who got it before 1.1 and they have been able to keep it. I don’t know if this is a bug or intentional so it’s hard to argue if it should still be possible to roll it or not. Might be worth looking into regardless.

Regarding melee, it’s the same. You can’t roll both those properties on the same melee weapon, it’s probably been this way all the time but I didn’t think about it until recently. Now this doesn’t seem quite fair though. Especially considering ranged weapons gets to choose sub-categories like “vs armored” and “vs monster” instead. Which lets them stack power vs up to 40% (44) against certain enemies when paired with a charm. Considering properly spec’d ranged is vastly stronger than any melee I can’t see why it shouldn’t be “fair” to let melee roll both these properties on the same weapon. It won’t even necessarily become the 100% meta as both crit and attack speed can easily be favored over it for DPS or utility. I just think more options are better, especially for melee specialized characters.

You can get power vs skaven and chaos on a charm. I rolled one my self.
On melee weapons however, you can only roll one power vs xxx stat at a time. As a side note, you can’t roll power vs monsters on melee weapons.

But was this before or after the 1.1 patch?

I just made a post on how I spent over 200 of each dust to get these exact same properties and have yet to get it. I’m rolling them for a red and already have an orange is 8% more or less of each. Fatshark is taking the pis at this point.

Might want to hold off rolling since there hasn’t been a single report of it even occuring since 1.1, might not even be possible anymore.

I didn’t even know they changed things like that. My charm was rolled before 1.1

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