Is it possible to roll Monster+Armoured combo on a charm?

Have an issue today rolling this stats on a charm today, spend near 150 rolls and haven’t seen this combo (but saw a lot of Infantry+Monsters, Infantry+Armoured). I’m not sure if it’s a bug, indended or just unlucky me.

You can get them together but i can’t remember if it was on Charm or on the Ranged Weapon.

Well, if I can get them on Ranged it’s defenetly not what I want :grinning:

Isn’t armoured one of the more useless ones? Like Berserkers?

If I remember correctly, everything that is counted as “armoured”, is also a skaven. So just roll skaven and monster? It doesn’t even work on CW’s, as they are counted as “super armour”.

Nope. While Stormvermin are by far the most common Armored enemies, it also affects Chaos Warriors (and possibly Maulers’ heads, but I don’t know about that). Yes, it was bugged at one point and CWs weren’t affected, and yes, it was fixed. I don’t know about Spinemanglr and Bödvarr, though. Lords in general seem to lie somewhat outside the normal stuff.

And even if it did affect just Skaven units, Stormvermin are just that common and get some of the more useful breakpoints to justify using vs. Armored.

It actually works on CW after one of the patches, it doesn’t work on Mauler’s head, and I’m not sure if it works on Super-armoured lords. I saw such info somwhere, but for some reason Creacer Spawner mod don’t wanna spawn them so I can’t test it myself. In fact this property can give you some CW and SV breakpoints.


Ah… that is interesting. I didn’t know the CW got classified as armoured now. Cheers for the info

They are still Super-armoured, so all those rapiers and stuff does a lot less damage to them then to SV, but at least “vs Armoured” property is working against them.

You can get that combo on both ranged weapon and charm, taking more than 100 rolls to get the property combination you want isn’t uncommon from my experience…
Unless they removed the possibility of that combo without telling anyone, like that one time they did it with chaos/skaven charm.

i can confirm after 200+ roll i did not get that combo armor-monster on charm

definitively nope. I can speak for experience cause I wondered how the Maulers head reacted to hit.
Well I still wonder how did Fatshark ended up doing this, but I’ve posted my test results here

To the OP (and main thread), I think I’ve seen Monster and Armoured a few times on charm, just like I saw Infantry and Armoured on Ranged (not on the good weapon tho).
I always get to find the properties I want on another weapon ><

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