Do berserkers have damage resistance while attacking?

It may be just a prsonal sensation, based on the fact that when berserkers attack you (especially in groups) you just want them to stop or find a way to get out of their way, but do berserkers become less susceptible to damage while in “frenzied” mode?
Has anyone noticed anything like this?
Is it an intended game mechanic?

AFAIK, damage goes through the same as usual, but they are pretty resistent to staggering, unless you use something like the Greatsword. It’s one of the main reasons why I like it so much, it’s great at breaking up a berserker/monk group charge.

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Less damage taken from many ranged weapons plus less bonus damage taken from stagger is what makes the berserker class work.


Use shotguns :sunglasses:

How so ? I’ve been playing exclusively with the greatsword for a couple of months now, and I’ve never stopped a berzerker frenzy with it. Which difficulty are you playing on ? :thinking:

y good point, I’m talking Legend in my case

@FrivolousWizard already answered basically : enemies take extra damage by default when staggered ; and since it is quite hard to stagger a frenzied berzerker, they do not take that extra damage.
Other than that, they don’t have any added damage reduction as far as I know.


Hadn’t thought of that; I’ll try to see what happens by switching to either Enhanced Power or Smiter, since those should be independent of stagger.
At least Enhanced Power is a flat increase; Smiter should be a flat increase too, but just on the first strike, then the stagger counters apply as usual…
I’ll give it a go and see if things get better, thx everyone for your feedback

Actually Greatsword does happen to have a particularly easy time staggering plague monks. The breakpoint for staggering them out of their frenzy attack with a heavy attack is Opportunist +10% Skaven/berserker and EP. That might sound like a fair bit of investment, but it’s a hell of a lot less than it is for most weapons, even great hammer.



Do you mean 10% skaven and 10% berzerkers (27% total with EP) ; or 10% skaven or 10% berzerkers (17% total with EP) ?

I thought Opportunist only applied on pushes… Do you stagger them by pushing them ? Do weapons have different push strengths ? (I haven’t been able to find any data on that…)
Or does Opportunist also apply on attacks’ stagger strength ?

The second one. Or. Ive been running greatsword with FK and Comrades in Arms, EP, and Opportunist is all you need to hit the breakpoint. Throw Have at Thee in there and you can also interrupt SV overheads with pushes.

Opportunist doesn’t just apply to pushes. It applies to all your attacks. It’s an extremely useful alternative to Swift Slaying and can lead to some very nice stagger breakpoints on a heap of weapons.


Another one of those texts that need changing in the description… Thanks for the info


Thx for clarifying instead of me.

@Saryk I´ve been running this or this build recently.

Mighty fun to just use the Ult to stagger anything in your path and just go full Bull of Ostland Slaughter against anything, whilst being able to use it instantly again if one of your comrades goes down.

The push attack against SVs is especially effective with a headshot and heavy attacks against berserkers stagger them, though in case of the Chaos berserkers you have to get them before they launch their attack or, alternatively, get a headshot.

Now if only we got Smiter for the FK it would make this build even more fun.

(Both links are the same)

Hmm, sry, I was sure I had it linked to different builds.
This should be right now for the second build, though it really isn’t all that different.

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