Stagger Resistance for Plague Monks and Chaos Warriors [Cataclysm]

When it comes to Cataclysm these two units are the only ones that have a bit too much immunity to stagger attacks.

Now that there is basically a necessity to stagger an enemy in order to deal enough damage to them, I’m having a hard time on most weapons trying to get either of these units to flinch unless I make do a 30% power build specifically against them.

Plague Monks are way too hard to flinch compared to Chaos Savages, the other berserkers, who can be pushed around as if they’re children. It feels too inconsistent that only the other berserker unit can be interrupted while it’s in an attack animation. Two hits (charged or not) with the 2h hammer aren’t even enough to knock a Plague Monk out of its attack loop.

Chaos Warriors should have a high stagger resistance, and they have a fast recovery speed which is good for challenge, but some of their attacks basically have immunity which I feel is too unfair. Their overhead axe swing is in a good spot. It has a huge windup and it’s obviously a dangerous attack so in most situations you shouldn’t be able to interrupt it. It’s inconsistent that the Chaos Warrior has a super fast underhanded swing in comparison, which comes out of nowhere, that can’t be interrupted by even a shield bash attack or push.
The CW also seems to have “stagger immunity” on his punch and kicks too which shouldn’t be the case.

I’m suggesting to make these two units easier to stagger on the Cataclysm difficulty so that you can actually make use of the stagger bonus system against them, in more situations. Otherwise their health pool is too much of a grind since it’s so hard to reach even the 20% bonus against them.


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Just adding some info:


Chaos Warrior:


Absolutely agree.
When the inevitable happens, aka the director shits itself and pops out 10 monks, your only option is to ammo/special dump, because otherwise you are basically locked into blocking for a good 5+ seconds. Horribly designed


It’s almost as if giving enemies ridiculous health pools + huge stagger resistance and an over reliance on the stagger damage system to actually hurt enemies was a bad idea.

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Totally true.

Nobody makes you use stagger system


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True. Since I’ve started simply ignoring the stagger system, the game became ridicilously easy.

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CW recovering too fast from stagger has been aknowledge in a bug thread.

I think the whole berzerker class should have less stagger resistence because they, most of the time, spawn in big packs while before 2.0 it was rare to see more than 3 monks at the same time. I dont think them beeing this much stagger resistent is anymore relevant.

Its like I dunno max 50% more damage? For such dangerous thing its not worth trying to specially use it, you can 2 pushes to ground small horde or something then yeah its ok but why place yourself into dangerous situation for just one more hit ?

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