Berserker damage inconsistency

Issue Summary:
The damage of the different attacks of both chaos savages and skaven plague monks is very inconsistent. I spent about half an hour observing their damage in the modded realm and got some very weird results.

The first chaos savage I spawned did 38 damage with his first attack, 50 per hit with their fast attack combo and 100 with the heavy charged attack. The next one I spawned did the same. However every savage I spawned after this did 50 damage with the first attack, either 50 or 20 with the fast attack combo (50 was more common) and 100 with the heavy

Monks behaved similarly. I spawned one and let it hit me with the first attack for 20. I blocked the rest of the chain till he got to his first attack again. It now did 50! Their fast attack combo did consistently 50 damage per hit and heavy did 100.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Spawn monk or savage
  2. Let it hit you and observe damage
  3. Repeat

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Constant (100%)

Additional Information:
I have no idea how to reproduce the exact damage numbers, it just seems random to me. However reproducing the inconsistency shouldn’t be an issue.

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Basic enemies and berserkers both use a curious mechanic, where the more of them are surrounding you, the less damage they do per hit. You might be experiencing that.

This is not the case. All the tests I did (which produced the inconsistent results as described in my report) we’re done in modded realm where I spawned 1 savage/monk at a time.

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