Most stuns on players need to go

Throughout the game it seems annoyance is being used as a mechanic (charge attacks, forced movement, plasma delay, and my biggest gripe: stagger/stuns), but all annoyance does is… well, annoy people.

Disclaimer: If you’re not bothered by it, good for you.

Being constantly staggered is infuriating. It’s annoying not in a “this was a challenge but my skill has now grown” way, but in a “can I please f-ing regain control of my actions” way.

  • Where do you think you’re going? There’s a poxwalker left! Probably teleported out of nowhere, but he hits you once and you’re staggered.
  • Charging a staff secondary, you get shot (probably through a ceiling), and the attack discharges at half charge.
  • Ogryn rush into ranged pack? Nope, Reaper interrupts it and pushes you back.
  • Toughness broken? Stagger. Proceed to recover a bit of toughess through murder/blessing. Then get shot again and staggered again. Repeat until you uninstall.

Punishment for those things already exists, we don’t need to also lose control of our characters. It’s already extremely infuriating to lose control to random lag spikes or inputs being devoured by the server.

  • Got shot? Punishment: you take damage (and suppression, which is another thing that I think
    shouldn’t even exist).
  • Lost all toughness? Punishment: you have no goddamn toughness.

Honorary mention to barrels being absolute hot garbage. Fun thing how they yeet a 400kg ogryn 20 meters into a pit but they don’t do crap to 90% of the enemies.

Anyway I made this after I got really annoyed with stuns when trying to go back to my lv30 psyker. I’ve decided never to touch him again unless there are big changes. That class’ gameplay doesn’t belong in this game, it’s straight up from VT2.


Embrace the dodge slide meta and never be staggered again :man_dancing:


On a staff you can use focused channeling.

For other weapons,you have to dodge/parry/take cover.

the worst is being stunned and being unable to react to anything when your toughness breaks then after regaining a tiny bit of toughness, its breaks again causing another stunlock, Ive been perma stunned/staggered as ogryn for up to 5 seconds and its infuriating, especially when a horde of shooters with shotgunners run out of a door or spawn directly in front of you and start a laser show, there’s nothing you can do but try to ult out of the way which also gets cancelled from being stunned again.


Ogryn still gets stunlocked when toughness is broken because he doesn’t have any stun cooldown, as noted in the Bugs section…

good to know thanks. Assumed it was working as intended because I no longer get staggered from regular fire.

Still, I have to disagree with the staggering opinion. Imagine all the other classes and the Veteran. Do you know what happens when the veteran turns on his F ability? He can’t be stunned and becomes a killing machine, and as markable as possible. And you want to remove this stun from shots? I mean, he’ll be walking around the whole game like it’s a 24/7 ability. That’s no good.
Zealot? Why did they give him one of the stagger talents then?
Psyker? Can you imagine the warp balls flying around 24/7?
Ogrin? Hmm, that’s where you’d have to come up with something. For example, that he wasn’t stunned by weak opponents, or something else.

With the rest, more or less agree. Exploding barrels for us, but not for the enemies. The textures of some maps (especially with sand) are so holey that the enemy literally shoots through a wall (sometimes a tiny little slit), and you can not understand WHERE IT IS?

Ah yes, “teleportation” " appearing out of thin air " enemies. No. There’s no such thing. Except for when, on some maps, enemies do appear literally BEFORE YOU AND THE WHOLE TEAM, out of nowhere. But these maps can be counted on the fingers. We’re talking about the game as a whole. And so, for the entire game, for all 600+ hours, I have never once seen an enemy materialize behind my back out of nowhere. For I constantly look around like crazy (Thanks Vermintaid 2 for the experience of playing on the engineer…), but I do not see anyone there, or see some enemy running away from the horde, and allies do not care about it, or out of some door, oh yes, on some maps still no physical models some walls ( they work for you, but not for enemies. enemies can safely pass through).

Pretty much agree.

Some stuns I think are appropriate, like with Reapers, i mean that’s a huge threat, if you don’t focus them, you better run away.

For everything else i really wish there was a cooldown for stuns.

With Toughness stagger, my god I just hate it, I can’t do anything at all, also the stamina stagger, my god, also, damage taken stagger is hell, also, shooter stagger is even more hell. This game absolutely hates melee focused gameplay, it just doesn’t want you to actually engage is melee

But let’s add bomber’s bomb that can stagger you anytime, Ulting as Zealot - staggered, Ulting as Ogrin - staggered. Why the hell is his grenades even stagger at all, I’d understand if it was only in the center, but not hell, it’s like 5 meters radius.

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Wait, fire stagger that also staggers you as toughness stagger

I hate that fire destoys your stamina in one touch, it’s like forbidden element

quit complaining. the stagger gives a really good feel to the different weapons when they hit you. you can even tell what shot or hit you by the way you were staggered.

And what kind of stagger does a true connoisseur prefer?

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the kind that knocks my teamates off the map with a barrel


How would you? They’re behind you.


Heh, good one :smiley: I meant that I didn’t get stabbed in the back in a section of the map where there wouldn’t be any doors for enemies to appear. (I don’t take into account allies missing an enemy who ran to one player and then, after getting stunned, decided to attack me from behind). I hope you know what I mean :slight_smile:

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I do. I’m just being a smartass. :wink:

Stagger in melee is understandable, however I despise stagger caused by ranged attacks. This not only affects your movement, but also ability to aim/fire your gun / staff. Preventing player action is rarely good game design and it is just pointless frustration.

While its not enemies materializing out of thin air, They sometimes run out of solid walls and hit you from behind which is close enough to it in my opinion.


Yeah, definitely seen them climbing through solid walls on the train station/assassination map.

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Yes, that happens, too. From time to time I write about these places in the bug section. Now I want to get to the map Drayko, there is one place where specialists constantly run out, and sometimes the bosses. Perhaps it’s just with the bosses and related, because the wall was made for them to break it and “open” a kind of passage for the rest. However, if there is no boss - Hello platform 9 3/4.